They're up to no good!!!

The silence is deafening, methinks there's gotta be some sort of nefarious trouble brewing…!

For my part, I've moved about 3 tons of dirt into the stalls, barnyard and a new retaining wall planter, had an outside wall knocked out of the writing room and rebuilt around me during monsoon season, today it's ream out the shed for a delivery of 100 hay bales tomorrow…then some wall painting and furniture moving, and rehang the paintings shoved in storage to escape the whirlwind.

The amazing thing was waking up this morning and discovering I could still move. Must be the strange brew we've discovered - anybody tried Wild Blue Beer? I thought YUCK when they told me it had blueberries in it - but it packs a sweet kick. We loved it.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Janny, so you are keeping busy!

Do you have any ideas for a new series yet?

I'm working hard and living sober and it's actually been hot here for a few days, temperatures have been and still are in the 80s (Farenheight scale).

Which is unusual for Shetland, cheers from Laurence.

originally posted by Konran

Been busy having strange thoughts… We just saw the new Transformers movies and we were wondering how big Koriani robes come… has there ever been a leader of the Koriani called Optimus Prime? :stuck_out_tongue:

Laurence - let me finish the one I've got, first!!

Konran - now THAT is a scary thought!!! (We haven't seen the film, yet…)

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Janny, that's fair enough! Cheers from Laurence.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Phew! For a moment I thought everyone had gone on vacation.

*Neglects to mention the fact that he's going on vacation Friday.*

Maybe the wraiths found a way to possess machinery (enter the decepticons)…

"Machines that could "level mountains" - clear-cut forests - develop weapons of mass destruction - change the day/night balance of the light on a world - all these (and many more) would apply."

A description of Marak from that FAQ page right over there

originally posted by Phome

Moving/moved house to another country. I guess that could fit under "vacation", except instead of gaining weight you lose it.

There is nothing like moving house to suck the energy right out of you. Haven't picked up a book in two weeks!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Solution: Leave the house where it is and get another, like most folks? :wink:

Kidding, of course, Phome, and hope the move is going well (they do tend to bite into and take huge chunks of that elusive reading time, don't they…).

originally posted by Phome

They sure do. Although I've managed to work through about 100 pages of The Evolution of Desire (by David Buss) - intriguing to see how men and women differ in their evolutionary biology about what attracts them to a mate.

I'm almost done with the move. Just hanging up pictures now - the most important part as far as I'm concerned :smiley:.

originally posted by Clansman

Ah, back from vacation today. Happy belated July 4th, to my American friends, and Happy Canada Day (July 1st) to my fellow Canadians.

(Actually, the phrase "my fellow Americans" or "my fellow Canadians", or "my fellow [insert Nationality here]", has always bugged me. Seems patronizing somehow.)

Sure is quiet. Summer doldrums?

No, all the action is happening over on GoodReads/Fantasy Book Club, where the group is discussing Curse of the Mistwraith for July. Join in…

Also, I've been neck deep in a badly needed outside wall renovation of THIS ROOM. Just starting to decompress from the cement dust.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

*Cringes at the thought of the home project list, then happily posts here instead*

Re the earlier comment about blueberries and beer, good Talespinner (and with apologies to Laurence for the topical matter herein), I've not had Wild Blue, but I have had Sam Adams' Blueberry Witbier, which is passable (they've other offerings that are better)…

originally posted by max

had a new grandchild in June. When he was first born, he looked like a skinny wrinkled brown raisin. [1/2 hispanic] Now he is so chubby and adorable I can't keep my lips off his cheeks!!! His smile could compete with a sunny day!! smilin at ya!! [Inever get far enough from my books to forget I'm waiting for the next one. ]

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Congrats on your skinny wrinkled brown raisin, max! :wink: