The year it started?

originally posted by Scott Richard Perry

First off, Janny thanks so much for this wonderful series of books. The campaign world is so vivid I regret that I didn't discover your novels earlier. Currently reading 'Grand Conspiracy' at the momment, the part where Cattrick has been taken prisoner by s'Brydion, I really wasn't expecting that plot twist! Just one question what was the year when the half brothers went through the world gate I read 'The Curse of the Mistwraith' a few months back now and don't recall what year of the third age the story begins?

Also Janny, have you in the past had any exposure to R.P.G's such as Dungeons and Dragons, just reading your prose I get the impression you must have been involved in an intensive story focused roleplaying campaign at some point in your life?

You Asked, Scott -

The year of the prince's entry through the Worldsend gate was Third Age 5637.

I have never played RPGs, but - I was exposed to people who did - they played in my apartment, at one point, because I was illustrating modules written by Mayfair Games – I liked to have some idea of what I was creating the pictures for.

The activity was lively, and looked quite fun - I never participated because the same sort of creativity the gaming required was better off used to springboard my storytelling.

How delightful you are enjoying your read - this series needs its friends right now, and you are really in for a wild ride, as the Alliance of Light arc picks up steady speed, with each volume.

Feel free to stop by and state your impressions - I think you are among the first readers I've heard of who's able to read, start to finish, of the arc, with no lag time - and I'd be quite interested to see how the whole sequence plays.


Oh, and WATCH OUT for spoiler notices.

originally posted by Scott Richard Perry

Yes Janny it's been pretty much BANG BANG BANG one after the other. I've got Peril's Gate and Traitor's Knot stacked up ready to go after Grand Conspiracy, when I start Traitor's Knot I'll go looking for Stormed Fortress. Something that amuses me is some of the major plot points I click minutes before I read about them, like in The Ships of Merior, near the end it suddenly occurred he's going to burn down the docks, seconds later I'm actually reading about this happening. I love it when that happens. So far I don't think I have any major questions about the plot everything is pretty much well explained. My favourite character has to be Traithe I don't know why I just like his personality. I get the feeling Lysaer is going to snare himself in his own momentum at some point perhaps that's because I might have picked up some future snatches of information somewhere. It's really innovative the way you write in that I WANT to hate Lysaer but can't because my impression is that he's an honourable person caught as victim of circumstance. But yes, on the whole your advice is well heeded spoilers and any of that jiggery pokery I'm doing my best to avoid like the plague. Thanks again Janny look forward to speaking with you soon.

Well, how fun! What a blast, seeing your impressions as you go.

You may not want to wait too long before securing a copy of Stormed Fortress - the press run is nearing sold out, and you will NOT want to wait from the final scene in Traitor's Knot, for the start of the next volume. It's not a cliff hanger, but, the time line picks right up, next instant, so the two volumes really flow together.

Looks like I will have to draw Traithe's portrait, as I'd promised another reader, one of these days…

Oh, and what was I DOING between times, tonight? Making the first of three teaser audio files of To Ride Hell's Chasm…coming soon…feed the resident gryphon LOTS of mutton…(you will get the joke if you hang out here long enough)

originally posted by Clansman


I'll second Janny's warning to you. Order Stormed Fortress now. The end of Peril's Gate is a good resting place, but the story from Traitor's Knot to the end of SF could be read as one book, and as the initial press of SF is about done, if it runs out, you will have to pray for a new trade paperback run, or wait for the mass market edition.

And there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Sackcloth and ashes might figure largely too. So, I suggest you order SF TODAY!! Try Blackwell's instead of Amazon. It's cheaper.