The wars of light and shadow

originally posted by Jean Smith

Will there ever be a satisfactory outcome and defeat of the mistraith curse that has gripped the two half-brothers Arithon and Lysaer? If so, how many more volumes are there to come before this happens? I presume that you can't divulge whether the Paravians will be re-discovered, but it would be nice to be able to look forward to a happy ending, eventually.

Thanking you in anticipation.

originally posted by Rurack

after stromed fortress there are two more arc that jannny has said are more in length of Curse, Ship, and Warhost. So maybe four more books. But Janny has always said, quite stongly some time, That there is an end and there will be an end

originally posted by Konran

This is posted elsewhere on the board:

Arc 1 consists of Curse of the Mistwraith.
Arc 2 consists of Ships of Merior and Warhost of Vastmark.
Arc 3 is what we are currently in, called the Alliance of Light, consisting of Fugitive Prince, Grand Conspiracy, Peril's Gate, Traitor's Knot, and Stormed Fortress.
Arcs 4 and 5 are yet to be discussed, but Janny has said, as Rurack mentions, that they are much shorter than Alliance of Light. I'd agree with the estimate of probably about four more books, though only Janny knows for sure :wink: You can be certain, though, that the end IS coming, and while it may not be YOUR definition of "satisfying" (Janny is never one for the cliched "and the peasants rejoice" happy ending, I've noticed), it WILL be resolved. :stuck_out_tongue: Patience, young Padawan.

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Oh hoolies!! May the gods rejoice in your radience Konran! Thanks for the reminder.

It is a great joy that Janny is writing from an outline that covers the saga from start to finish. Thus we know that it will end. Hopefully her next world will be as phenomenally fantastic as this one. And it will not be too terribly long before she invites us into it.

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Ohhh Guys that soo great!! Can't wait. Traitors Knot was a lot gritter than the previous books so i look forward to reading the next ones (Not that my partner will like that too much as he gets no attention when i'm emersed) I eagerly await to read Stormed Fortress as a necromancer eagerly awaits it's next victim. (Not a nice annalogy but the best i could think of. I"M ADDICTED hehe). One thing though is that living in a country town trying to get a new release is torcher!! (A 2-3month wait after release date-- ARRHHHHHHH) Anyways love the series with all the light and shadowy bits in between :smiley:. I guess we really have only read the 1st hundred years of the brothers unnaturally long 500 year life span!!!

originally posted by Michelle Kearney

Hey billeebee like you I hate waiting for new releases. In the end I gave up with book shops and pre-ordered each book from Amazon as soon as I could. That way I get it on the day of release from a very nice postman! Am checking every day for when I can pre-order Stormed Fortress, the suspense is killing me :smiley:

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I was jsut wondering, has she written any of Stormed Fortress yet?


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I know the focus is on traitors know right now, but i am wondering how stormed fortress is coming along? How far along do you think you are? Can't wait to get my copy of triators know!!

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Traitor's Knot… Traitor's Knot… once more… Traitor's Knot!..

Not Traitor's Know…

originally posted by thom

my typing is bad on a good day…lol. sorry about that.

originally posted by Trys

Of course thom's typo introduces an interesting idea. Does the traitor know? And if they do, what do they know? :smiley:


originally posted by Miranda

Well…if Davien's the traitor then he seems to know pretty much everything…whuhahahahaha…(ok, not everything, but a lot more than we do). Oh, I do hope we get some more of Davien soon… I think I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms (hence my terrifying overuse of ellipses).


originally posted by Hunter

Davien is many things… but a Traitor isn't one of them… :smiley:

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"the betrayer"…"the betrayer"… once more… Davien…"the betrayer"… :wink:

"on most days we all agree". :smiley:

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Davien is not the traitor in Traitor's Knot. The identity of the Traitor(s) can be guessed at from previous books, but the plotline come almost totally out of the blue.


originally posted by Ryan Gohl

Not to mention, just because Davien betrayed the F7 (then again, I am not sure it was out of ill intent, just that he disagreed with their methods), it doesn't mean he is a traitor. In my mind, a traitor is someone who only pretends to follow an ideology or belief, and then tuens against that ideology or belief in an ill turn. Davien the Betrayer, I can agree with, Davien the Traitor, I disagree with.

Just my few thoughts, I could be off, but that is my current interpretation from the story and Davien's character at this moment. I'm sure that once I read TK, I will have a better idea. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong though :smiley:

originally posted by neilw

I was just kidding Hunter; I don't feel Davien is the traitor either…

But betray is a verb and traitor is a noun meaning roughly the same thing or so I thought…:smiley:

Traitor - not loyal

Betray - not loyal or not doing what you say you will…

I'm still surprised that Davien had the freedom to manoeuvre the downfall of the kingdoms within the confines of the compact…did the potential gain outweigh the risk? We still don't know why. Any why did the F7 "remove" his body? Still very curious stuff…

originally posted by Miranda

Mmm, wasn't actually saying Davien was the traitor of Traitor's Knot. I must learn not to be facetious, it gets me into all sorts of trouble. My understanding of the word 'to betray' is 'to behave in a devious and harmful way to a person or organisation by whom/which one was held in a position of trust', whilst a 'traitor' is, I believe, someone who commits 'treachery', which, I think, is a crime that can only be perpetrated against a ruler or military body. One can betray one's friend, but one can only behave treacherously towards one's king/queen/army - at any rate it's a crime with national rather than merely personal implications. (I think…)

originally posted by kempc

For rumination, definitions follow (from The Macquarie Dictionary):

Betray 1. to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty 2. to be unfaithful in keeping or upholding: to betray a trust 3. to be disloyal to; disappoint the hopes and expectations of 4. to reveal or disclose in violation of a confidence: to betray a secret 5. to reveal unconsciously (something one would preferably conceal) 6. to show;exhibit 7 to deceive; mislead 8. to seduce and desert

Traitor 1. one who betrays a person, a cause or any trust 2. one who betrays his country by violating his allegiance; one guilty of treason

So: very similar definitions. A traitor IS a betrayer. However, despite all that, I agree with those who think Davien is not the traitor in Stormed Fortress. I had thought it would be the goatherd, Arithon's double, but now I think that's just too predictable for Janny: has anyone thought the traitor might be Sulfin Evend, and he betrays Lysaer (in order to save him somehow)???