The Mayor of Jaelot's name

Is the Mayor of Jaelot ever named in the text? I remember him popping up in several volumes of the series, including here, but I can’t remember if he ever gets named or not.

Janny, if it’s not too much trouble, could I trouble you for his name if it’s not actually revealed later on in the series?


I believe he is only named by his title, throughout.

The only other mayor (besides Morfett/of Etarra) was Lord Mayor Garde - if my memory serves - Hanshire’s.

Any particular reason you wanted to know?


Just simply for the sake of curiosity - in Traitor’s Knot we do get the names of the Mayors of Erdane and Hanshire at the time, but I’d always found it odd how we never got the name of the Mayor of Jaelot when he has just as big a presence in the series, IMO. That’s just me and my curiosity, though.