The Koriani...the mystery deepens

originally posted by George


Is it my imagination or was there a link drawn between the initiate workings of the Koriani and those of the necromancers?

It seems as though the Koriani, Biedar and necros all came from the one tree of initiate knowledge yet they split apart and developed their own styles of practice (a little like denominations in earth religions?)

It seems that the Biedar are the ones which are most in tune with the LoMB, whereas the Koriani departed and enforced domination as their style of practice. Maybe for very good reason if they are primarily healers…forced regeneration and restoration is a very seductive thought if you are on the battle field. Who wouldn't want to be healed if they are in pain?

Interestingly, it seems that the Koriani power not only draws from the initiate but from the latent pool of the Koriani sisterhood. Did I read that correctly? So it seems that the crystal "keys" in to the reserve of initiate power to enact conjury. If this is the case, then it seems very similar to the Kralovir's practices.

The Kralovir derive power from enchained spirits and flow of blood/power which rushes in to their network of initiates. (I seem to remember this from TK).

I was suprised how the Koriani sigils could be made to be in tune with the LoMB. I think THAT fact will feature heavily going forward. Forced regeneration is acceptable if someone gives informed consent, the sigils of power were transformed by Arithon's mastery. Interesting, so very interesting.

just some thoughts.

originally posted by Neil

It is mentionned by Arithon to Sulfin in SF that necromancy was influenced from koriani knowledge of a biedar rite (albeit taken out of context and mixed with other ideas).

The Koriani were cataloging human achievement indiscriminantly but seem to have tightened their vows subsequent to the leak which occured before arriving on Athera.

The Bieder appear to have an agenda to address this.

originally posted by DarthJazy

I think the Koriani stole all their sigils and spell craft of forced master from the Bieder and addes the forced lines to the sigils and called it their own. With Elaira have knowledge of both paths I feel she will be the one to lead the Koriani on their own path of redemption and to useing their considerable power in balance with athera and proper free will. I speculate that this is why her personal quartz decided to stay and serve.

I wonder when the F7 will do soemthing about Morriel ursurping a young womans body. This is obviously a form or enslavement and atleast dam right evil and against TLotMB which would give the F7 freedom to act.

I personally do not see how Arithon wont find out about his daughter since all Moriel Prime has to do is order Elaira to tell him. Truth is a very powerful weapom when wielded

originally posted by Trys

If memory serves there was something said about why the F7 could not intervene with Morriel possessing Selidie and I think it had to do with what would happen to Selidie should they take action.