The Don Maitz / Janny Wurts Studio Shop is OPEN!

Pay us a visit!!!

A massive round of applause is due the Gryphon, who has done a spectacular job, it's been a labor of love/craziness for many MANY months in the making - we are very proud to present the new web store.

The first five purchases will receive a door prize

Watch for more announcements. Additional material will be forthcoming as we move on to incorporate e-versions of short stories and other things.

Stay tuned.

originally posted by Clansman


Just bought me a nice large map of Athera (parchment, of course)! Been dying for one since CotMW (and leafing through my Tolkien library, with the nice fold out maps of Middle Earth, made me dream of such a map for Athera…)

And, my order number: 5! YES!

Forgive me a little gloating…

The numbers didn't start at 1 (we had to test the site) - so - there are still spaces left for prizes!

originally posted by Annette

Nice to see the webstore is up and running, looking forward to hopefully reading some new WoLaS short stories one day. Unfortunately I am still saving up for my next lot of prints, which will only be small poster prints if you still do them in that format, no more framing for me.

Two of the ones I would love to add to the collection when I have enough money are not up yet though. Don's White Unicorn, and Janny's Mistraith's Bane, the one that appeared on the UK cover of Curse of the Mistwraith. Would love to see the one Janny is probably still working on as well. :smiley:

originally posted by Annette

I ordered one small print just to see if I could get a door prize. I was order number 7.

A discount on the shipping for multiple orders would be nice. :smiley:

originally posted by Gary

I’ve been coveting a map of Paravia since the idea was mooted here a few years ago; delighted to finally have a chance to get it (and why not get a print of the oak at *spoiler* while I’m at it) :smiley:

Selection and ordering were quite smooth, everything seemed to work well (#6 yesterday morning, yay!).

Short story ebooks would be great, I still haven’t found a copy of ‘Reins of Destiny’ or its parent anthology online.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your interest, your feedback, your orders. (We are new at this)

Annette: we can put those images in - they just have to be trial run and color proofed. Don has a list of what needs added, and those titles will go on it when he has time to run them up to spec (we are VERY PICKY, :smiley: ). Multiple orders: to get your prints to you undamaged, we have to pack differently and slip sheet each separate print by hand/ then insure against damages in shipment.

Door prizes: no. 7 is in. After the five, there will STILL be occasional door prizes, but we will do them by random numbers drawn from a hat.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks Janny :smiley:

No hurry on getting the prints up, I can wait.

They are being packed, and likely to go out today.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for the prints Janny, the Keeper of the Keys one was an unexpected surprise. And I much prefer the flat packaging to the tubes, do not have to fight to get them uncurled. I will just be arranging them somewhere in those plastic pockets. Perfect size for me. :smiley:

originally posted by Annette

Not sure how you match the prints up with the titles, but the Signal at the Havens print I have came with the title Peril's Gate. Never noticed that I was so interested in inspecting the print the other day.

It is no problem for me, but maybe the titles need to be checked for future batches?

Hi Annette, thanks for the heads up! We corrected the type (how did that happen?) Our oops. If you are framing it so the title shows, I will make good on it.


originally posted by Annette

No I do not frame the tiny ones, they are the budget editions to the collection, but I know what the title is so it is OK anyway. I just wanted the print, the print looks great. :smiley:

Once it gets up on display I cannot read print that small anyway, and I doubt any rare visitors who see it will be able to either.

originally posted by Annette

Janny, any chance the webstore is going to have bookmarks available for us to purchase later in the year?

originally posted by Annette

The latest additions to my collection arrived today, thanks Janny. :smiley: