The Decoy

I have completed the second, extensive pass through a brand new Athera story. Once I've entered the changes, and polished and proofed, it will be sent in submission to Unfettered II. Stay tuned…

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Thanks for the news Janny. With such a short deadline, is Don waiting for approval before reading your contribution, or did he get a head start on the art?

Final touch up and proofing stage, at last…it's the same length as Child of Prophecy, so a pretty substantial short.

On to the next one stat.

The Decoy has been finalized and submitted.

Waiting on word from the Editor, now - it was requested for Unfettered II - I'll post back if/when we know it is accepted.

Word in today - the editor of Unfettered II is pleased with The Decoy and the story is sent on to copy-edit.

Pub date for this one's coming up pretty fast.

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Thanks for the update Janny. Be interesting to see what this one is about, knowing the name I still do not have a clue.

The fall of Ithamon, Marin Elaithe's assasination? Or all that action later in 3651 when Kharadmon became discorporate? I am still real curious about Cianor Moonlord.

Here's the pre-order link for Unfettered II, where Shawn Speakerman pays it forward for cancer

The Decoy is part of the very stellar line up of authors, and Don Maitz did the interior illustrations, which are brilliant!

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Janny check your name in the author lists they spelt it wrong.

e book is available now! Have at it. ow/

If you get the story and read it, PLEASE! mark your comments with spoiler!!! and many spaces so others are not - you know…

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Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler

All I will say and I don't believe it is a spoiler is: I really enjoyed it albeit it in a rather harrowing way. No more shall I say until more people have had a chance to read it other than, thank you, Janny for creating a beautiful piece of prose (as always!).

I should also add that the wonderful thing about being a quick reader is you can go back and reread and always discover new gems in the text.

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Thanks Janny. It was very interesting, will read it again most likely before my hard cover arrives.

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Any news on when the hardcover version of Unfettered II will ship? There was a delay getting Broken Empire printed, is the hard cover of Unfettered II being released next year now? It is getting close to Christmas, they might not have time to get this one done before they take a break.

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I think it's interesting to consider that the position Falion ended up in might have been the same had he not made the trip. On the other hand, I wonder if the events of the trip were necessary to prepare him for what was to come.

[I think that's spoiler-free :smiley:]

What follows probably isn't a SPOILER, but just in case…

The selflessness displayed in times of crisis by those with clan lineage is astounding. While the townborn seem to be governed by fear and greed, the heritage of the clanborn seems to help them master those failings. They can perceive on a different level what really matters. Of course, there may be nuance that I've overlooked.

I am pleased to announce that The Decoy is now available as a 'single' short e book on the Paravia site with a new color cover! products_id=212

If anyone cares to share this link and announcement, I'd be thrilled to have the word spread about.

Help requested, please:

A kindly reader has gotten The Decoy's page at GoodReads updated, with the new cover and the e book version. The problem: it has only one rating/no reviews, which lowers the algorithm/causing it to appear on page 7 of works by Janny Wurts - three pages removed from the other shorts, and therefore, 'invisible' to series readers looking to see what's what.

If you are a GoodReads member and if you have a sec, and you're willing, a rating/review, no matter how short, will pop it up the title list, and make it easier to discover.

I now have cover paintings done for The Gallant and Black Bargain - all goes well with my writing day (first) I hope to start into the graphics for the e versions of them and get that going. Since this pair of works don't involve direct royal lineages surviving the uprising, they will have a different 'look' than the ones that frame that action…oil, not watercolor (as different in style as The Sundering Star).

Thanks for your attention.