The 4 elements

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Rereading GC at Earle.

The 4 elements are pretty "unimpressed" with the the dragons past actions. To put it lightly.

Luhaine speaks in a language forgotten by mankind. (What language? Where would it come from? Why an unsubtle?)

I now wonder what the paravian relationship with the dragons is/was? Are they on friendly terms?

The dragons had duels. What for? Only 18 grimwards maintained by F7. Where there so few dragons? Were only some powerful enough to cause "problems". Or were they mainly elsewhere in the universe; Athera was not their main home?

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Back again…From the West Shand intro when luhaine travels to the fortress it is explicitly stated that the elemental power encompassed all worlds…and drakes challenged their place on the loom of Ath's creation…and enmity?

packs (or dragons?) formed the bay near Falwood so they fought as groups?

eckracken challenger? What did he challenge? and why is his mates remains on kathtairr?

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The dragons would fight for a mate, it was mentioned a few times some failed, so died Nameless. Most who died fell in the ocean, some for some reason not yet revealed, died on land. There are 18 grimwards, 17 and a mystery as to where the 18th is.

Athera's dragons are intelligent, so no surprise they might fight in packs. Or that some might rebel against who ever was highest in the hierarchy. Maybe Eckraken challenged for kingship? He was king of Drakes, maybe he had to challenge for that? Presumably in current time some have rebelled on the other side of North Gate, if there is no longer someone on the other side guarding it.

There would I think be a specific reason why some dragons stayed around to haunt. Janny will get to it in the last book hopefully, Song of the Mysteries.

Maybe the elements are just upset the dragons made such a mess of things with their destructive tendency and meddling with creation.

I always found the info below interesting, its from CotM


History spoke, in sealed stones: the mysteries of centaur masons and the flutes of the Athlien singers had laid down defences against concerted attacks by Khadrim, themselves errant offspring spun into form by the dreams of grief-maddened dragons. The sea-tides that ripped through the sluice from the inlet had flushed the let blood of besiegers, even before the Third Age insurgents cast down the high kings enthroned by the Sorcerers.

Why were the dragons grief maddened? They kept on destroying, did not seem to learn till their own creations were a threat to them. The damage they did to Athera has yet to be healed. So it seems destroying the landscape never worried them. Were they grief stricken over the Paravians being killed maybe? They called the Fellowship to protect the Paravians and get rid of the threat to them, then it seems before mankind arrived, left their homeworld and went through North Gate. How did someone convince them to leave? Yet another prophecy maybe, one for the dragons?

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Was this really in COTM? Whereabouts? :wink:

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Sorry my mistake, was not thinking and never noticed I had the wrong book referenced in my notes. It was Stormed Fortress ChIV, subchapter Consequence, pg 154 in the mass marker book.

So not really for this section. :frowning_face: