Synopsis ???

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Hello Janny fans,
I haven't posted here for quite a while.
I read the early books multiple times each but have become busier as the series has progressed and have read the more recent books only once each. Before I read Destiny's Conflict I would like to refresh my memory but don't have time for a full re-read (I will do that when it is all finished). Does the book come with a synopsis of the previous books/s in the front or is there one to be found somewhere on this site? Or is there an eager fan who could whip one up? It is just the newer characters and places I am concerned about being unfamiliar with, and delaying my orientation into the new book.

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Destiny's Conflict comes with a timeline for Initiate's Trial. Stormed Fortress came with the time line for all the previous books. Anything really important from Stormed Fortress you will learn as you read the last two books. If you read Initiate's Trial and still vaguely remember what happened, you will be right to start Destiny's Conflict.

It is for Song of the Mysteries, the final book, we will be picking apart the previous books looking for clues.

Additionally, there are some synopses (more in depth) for the earlier volumes posted here on Paravia/should be on the book's pages.

originally posted by hosanna

Thank you! That is exactly what I hoped to hear, looking forward to reading!