Sulfin Evend and Arithon

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This is my first post here.Thought i might suggest a theory…if i'm not wrong,both Sulfin Evend and Arithon are(or will be) in the same area at the end of Traitor's Knot(correct me if i'm wrong)…i think this sets the stage for an interesting meeting.Will they meet?I wonder what would happen if they did meet?

Mrs Wurts if you read this i would like to thank you for delivering such a wonderful epic.I am also a fan from Malaysia(had no trouble buying the books here).

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Nice to hear that.Thanks.
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Sulfin will be visiting the tribes to return the knife at some point, I guess. Isn't Sulfin also tasked by Lysaer to raise arms in Shand?

Arithon was heading that way to deal with clan commitments (Davien says he won't find what he suspects?)

Lysaer, in Melhalla, already has the support of the towns in in Tysan and Rathain the probably conflict in Melhalla (where most towns now support him) will likely draw townborn from Shand.

Lysaer has strong influence in 4/5 kingdoms now?

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Perhaps worth noting although married, Janny would be Ms. Wurts… or Mrs. Maitz I guess…

I suspect that Sulfin Evend's return of the knife to the Biedar won't be quite as simple as turning up and handing it over. Even finding the Biedar might be an interesting activity for Sulfin Evend, the Alliance Commander might not perhaps enjoy a warm and hearty welcome from Erlien although I do wonder whether having sworn a caithdein's vow would offer him some sort of clan protection/respect?

I am really hoping Arithon and Sulfin Evend cross paths in SF. Sulfin Evend is probably the one person in the Alliance who has seen through Lysaer's lies and propaganda sufficiently to actually want to ask Arithon's opinion on Life, the Universe and everything. Then, once apprised, he may be unable to avoid Talith's path to estrangement as Lysaer thinks he's been betrayed again…

Is there any proof Sulfin Evend could return to Lysaer that would sway Lysaer's mind?

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Lysaer's too proud, willful and curse-bound; he's unlikely to listen to reason where Arithon is concerned.

Given how the curse was muted for Arithon in the Maze when in the centaur's presence, though, could the half-brothers meet in Paravian presence without the curse forcing violence? (For pride, Lysaer would probably still *choose* violence if there were any witnesses who might talk, but that's a separate issue.)

There was one other parallel that struck me recently; in FP, when Dakar and Caolle catch up to Arithon on his way towards Riverton, Arithon says they should all abandon him. After their curse-driven fight in the baths in TK, Sulfin Evend is told nearly the same thing by Lysaer, roughly three books later…

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When Arithon passed the entrance to Kewar, his connection to both Lysaer and Elaira was cut off… if Davien could fashion something like this, one wonders whether Sethvir/Asandir are aware of this and whether it could be used to offer Lysaer a protection greater than the Biedar knife he's now cast off?

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Lysaer would have to ask Davien for help. He did seem interested in asking Davien about his position, given that he was labelled Betrayer. But Lysaer just doesn't know how to ask for help. He's also been thrown outside of the compact, which means none of the F7 can intercede on his behalf.

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The Black Rose prophecy implies that Davien is not currently honouring the Law of the Major Balance, which might allow Davien to act outside of that. Although, to date, Davien's actions have very pedantically followed the Law of the Major Balance, everyone who has wanted his assistance has had to ask.

Lysaer wants to link up with Davien simply because he thinks Davien's interests and those of the F7 lie in different directions, something that Lysaer might use…

It is amazing re-reading TK just how Lysaer was being played as a puppet by the cabal…

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Thanks Ms Wurts!
I really like the idea of Davien and Lysaer working together(though i don't think it would happen)…imagine the F7's face… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don't see Davien working with Lysaer. He seems to have committed a lot into Arithon and probably would consider Lysaer too flawed to bother too much with. I doubt Lysaer would survive Kewar and that seems key to Davien's respect for a monarch's right to rule.

Plus, I'm sure they'd be (and already seem to be) more nervous about what could happen in an Arithon-Davien collaboration than a Lysaer-Davien one.

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Can't remember where in the chat area I read it but someone said they don't think Davien wanted Arithon to be King, however in PG after the Maze he said something like he is worthy of being king although Arithon still rejected it.

3rd reread of TK and finally realised that Morriel had forseen Arithon on the slab back in Curse (think that was it). Took me a while I know.

I'm not sure if there would be much of a problem if Arithon met Sulfin as Sulfin can now see the truth. So i don't understand why he is still going ahead with recruiting a force to attack Allestrom. The arguments with Lysaer are getting him nowhere. It will only be a problem if he doesn't give Arithon a chance to speak as I doubt Arithon will skewer Sulfin. I also think Jeynsa will seek an audience with the Caithdain in Melhalla she witnessed the conversation with Traite and Arithon so she could say you should really eavesdrop on a whole conversation not part of. I think Jeynsa wants an excuse to discredit Arithon no matter what.

3rd read of all the books but no matter how hard i try to understand Lysaer and sympathise I find myself back to square 1 and really hating him curse or no curse I believe he still would have tried to murder Arithon. In curse he seemed very envious of Arithon and his talents.

Lastly Seldi wants Elaira to complete her assignment so does that mean she has to do everything in her power to get it on with Arithon. How will they resist each other, that scene was beautifully written.

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Not so sure now about Morriel seeing Arithon on that slab after reading other comments think I have my wires crossed. Oh well 3 reads is just not enough keep rereading I'll get there eventually!

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Morriel saw Arithon on the slab as she attempted to map out the future for Lirenda and the succession of prime power.

My assumption is that is still relates to the Koriani in writing still to come, rather than the scene in TK.

What gets me about that particular scrying with the Waystone is that everything that Morriel saw is coming to pass, either despite or BECAUSE of her efforts to change that scried future…

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Wendy - just picked that up in my reread of Warhost. I'm not sure of it either… and there's something about the Waystone doing something - I'm not sure if that's herself possessing Seldie, or some future act against her by the Waystone…