Suggested Revised Blurb for Initiate's Trial

OK, here is my original text for the 'author preferred' blurb for Initiate's Trial - which will likely be edited a bit by the publisher's officer before (they agreed) the (DO NOT READ!!!) product description that was erroneously posted. The change had not gone up as of yesterday, so, if you want the preview, here it is.

I will post when the official version goes up at the various book sites.

Here's my take/PLEASE - you may send the LINK to anyone you like, but I'd ask you don't lift this text from my website.

Thanks! ----------------------------

Betrayed and double-crossed, Arithon s'Ffalenn is held captive by the Order of the Koriathain. The desperate Fellowship Sorcerers have gambled the weal of Athera and forced through the perilous bargain that spared him as the last Prince of Rathain, and their sole hope of unity. To suspend the Prime Matriarch's decree of execution, Arithon lives only to battle Marak's horde of free wraiths, unleashed one by one from the shielding grip of the star wards.

But on the day the last wraith is redeemed, the inflexible terms sealed by Dakar's oath of debt will come to be forfeit…

Against a world backdrop, in which the Religion of Light has undergone schism, the zealot True Sect's canon grips Tysan, its high priesthood stands consumed by thwarted ambition: to conquer Havish, last crown bastion and backbone of order that secures the terms of Paravian survival. Now Lord Mayor of Etarra, Lysaer s'Ilessid must fight the pull of the Mistwraith's curse, and battle for sanity to uphold his just ethic. Another young defender will stand at his side, newly sworn by the Sorcerer's auspices.

As Arithon's life once again becomes the fulcrum that shifts the game board, Elaira's choice might save or break the unstable future; while at large and answerable to no mortal law, Davien and the dragon that holds his service throw in the wild card no one predicts…

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originally posted by Sleo

WHOA!!! I LOVE it! Get busy, woman! I absolutely cannot wait to read this! Can I post it at Goodreads? I think the book listing is there.

originally posted by Maggie

Fantastic! Raises a few new points… Arithon's fighting the free wraiths that haven't gotten planetside yet, not the ones already there. Hmmm… That changes a few ideas in my head.

Janny, could you tell us what chapters each of your sneak peaks are in (or just the order they appear in,) by chance? To give me a feel for when they are taking place in the story?

Maggie, don't see why not:

Chronological order (numbers referenced to sneak peek numbers in this topic):
5, 1, 2, 3, 4

originally posted by Salticidae

Wow, Janny. What a way to make me want the new book. I think I'm pre-ordering.

Love the work. Thanks for setting the record straight.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks Janny! This new blurb gives us much more info than the original.:smiley: I thought the original read better though, and built up the excitement better, without giving too much away. Be interesting to see how the publisher edits this new one.

originally posted by Sundancer

oh wow oh wow! I am looking forward to this book! Thanks for sharing more of it Janny.

Dakar's oath of debt??!!! That is the big surprise for me (I'm pleased that Havish still stands - I suppose otherwise there mightn't be any clanblood left alive.)

What on Athera has Dakar been up to to get indebted to the Koriathain? I'd have thought he was almost a reformed character at the end of 'Stormed Fortress', and not liable to run foul of Koriathain. Maybe it's a really really old oath, from when he was a child - anyone else care to speculate? or was it to save Arithon's life?

You've got me agog. I wonder if the sneak peak of Asandir facing triumphant Prime Matriarch is the point where the terms of the oath become forfeit…can't wait to read that scene and how Arithon/Asandir get out of it.

Again and again - why is the unity of the Fellowship so important? Obviously if they are seven they can care for the land better, and they have gone through so much together, but that's not enough (surely) to risk everything as they have, and to force Arithon's hand as they have? Janny, would you care to drop a hint?

I've been busy and only rarely lurking, but now have child no.2 reading the series (he's up to Traitor's Knot), and it's nearly midnight and I should be in bed, but I thought I'd wander in to see what's happening. I've loved the sneak peeks Janny - that image of Asandir and a young dragon is just wonderful.

originally posted by Sundancer

Okay I found a reference on another page saying the reason for the oath of debt is in Stormed Fortress. Hmmm, won't put in details (spoilers) here, but didn't think the last couple of chapters were the reason - I thought that act was protected from Koriani interference.

Will have to reread again (what a pleasure) to see what I've missed.

Wowza. :smiley: I never cease to be astonished.

The OUTRIGHT ACTION of Dakar's is right, plain there in Stormed Fortress; I can believe (maybe? :smiley: ) it could be missed in the heat of the action on first read; but…later? Whee…

I do very much suggest a re-look at that final sequence at Athir/ending of Stormed Fortress; it is all there, what sets the stage for this volume, coming…Lots of things shift/emerge/lock down in that scene…and yet, (my continued amazement) this bundle of information ATTACHED TO/SET IN MOTION BY what occurs in that scene - almost NO speculation.

I'd expected an explosive series of discussions on this material (similar to the storm created by Davien at the end of Peril's Gate)…well. Duct tape my mouth, it's up to you readers.

So busy, maybe, looking at what threads tied up you missed the explosive seeds of OMG!!!

I'd think - time to wake up the Stormed Fortress threads. :smiley:

originally posted by Sleo

Well, have a reread of Traitor's Knot AND Stormed Fortress on the agenda soon, but not too soon. I can believe I missed quite a bit as it was the end of my WLOS blitzkrieg! But I want to wait until it's closer to release date!

originally posted by Sundancer

Hi Janny

I have to confess that I have only read SF through once fully. Though I have dipped in to bits of it again, I missed rereading Dakars vow, or maybe I took the Prime Matriarch's reaction (when we see it later ) as a sign that it had no long term value (good red herring, Janny)- that and no-one apparently telling Arithon what he's been let in for and letting him blithely sail off.

Crumbs! on rereading it - the possible implications send shivers down my spine. It does shift everything.

Am progressively and carefully reading the whole series again in preparation for Initiates Trial, as no doubt are so many others.

Keep gloating Janny.

originally posted by Sleo

Sundancer - I am just heading into a reread of Traitor's Knot and SF after that. I've totally missed the things you're talking about. Shivers, indeed.

My. Wow. What's right THERE on the page…:wink:

originally posted by max

OMG!!! thank you Janny for prelook at the story. I have just started rereading the whole series starting from the very first. do your opinions change with age?? Oh yeah!!I don't like Lysaer anymore. Altho I always thought siblings should be your biggest backup, I am now discovering that they are also your worst enemy. no one else knows the best buttons to push. So excuse me if I hope Arithon kicks Lysaer's lily white butt!! [smilin at ya]

originally posted by Michelle-Louise Wright

"Of the barriers woven by Selidie's malice, and the entanglements blood-sworn to a Sorcerer, Elaria did as she must, and called Dakar forward to make disposition. She could not thwart fate without drawing, in part, on the knowledge derived from her order. Therefore, she asked the spellbinder to swear oath of debt, that no blank line should be left for Koriani interests to interpret. 'You will not bind over the Name of Arithon S'Ffalenn,' she decreed with explicit directness. 'The bond will be assumed against the crown of Rathain, which must answer to Fellowship precepts.'

I guess that's it right?


originally posted by Lisa

Wow. Can't believe I totally missed that before.