Story set in Athera - Fantasy Masters - forthcoming

Well - I have my Author's copy in hand - can't be long now!

originally posted by George

Ummmm do we know if it is comming out in Australia? *looks hopefully at one who might know*


originally posted by Mark Timmony

Hey George,

Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney has 3 copies of the Hardcover on order with our US suppliers.

You can call the store and reserve a copy if you like.


originally posted by George

Hrrmmm Mark, I'm in Melbourne but I'll definitely have a look in to it. Thanks for the tip.


originally posted by Jono

Hi there!

I am a bit confused about some things…

In Child of Prophecy, people seem to be going off to make war with the mistwraith, and they are getting killed in the process.

Does anyone know how the mist killing people?

I can't remember any hints in the other books that people were fighting the mistwraith when it first arrived.

And why does the mist not kill people once it covers a piece of land? <puzzled>

also, wouldn't townsmen and clansmen fight side by side against a common threat as weird as killing mist?
or does the mist only kill clansman?

any help would be appreciated!



I just visited the Baen website, and it appears that this anthology (Fantasy Masters) with Child of Prophecy will be released in mass market in January 2006.

For anyone wondering - there is a fun bit of bridging material in here, some stuff you Won't have in the series, a bit of preview, and a definite linking bit to the opening scenes in Stormed Fortress…in short, this story adds depth to what's in the series proper and will flesh out some things nicely…in case you missed it, here's your chance, coming round again with a cheaper price tag.