Stormed Fortress

originally posted by Neil Farrell

While I am sure this has probably been asked, I have been unable to find the answer, so I am asking. =D

Will Stormed Fortress be released in the US and in hardcover? I prefer hardcover since reread my books alot. Having stumbled into this site only recently I just learned about Stormed Fortress and the fact that it is only available in the UK, rushed to the UK site only to find they did not have it in stock =(.

Any help would be appreciated in finding a good copy of the book to go with the rest of my collection.

I love your writing Janny please never stop =D It is so hard to find quality writers of fantasy.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Wow. What a difference a few months makes, Neil. I not only had 30+ Amazon UK offerings to choose from, I was able to land one of the Book Club hard backs. (Had to have a friend in London order it, thought, because they wouldn't ship it to any US address I could enter.)

Hi Neil - welcome here.

The title sold out at the publisher, but you may yet be able to find it on the shelf – I'd suggest trying Galaxy Bookshop in Australia, or Blackwells online. Both will take orders and ship overseas.

I do hope one day there will be a US edition of this title - and in hardbound, but there is no plan in place, yet.

Thank you for your persistence, enthusiasm and interest - I can promise that the story will blow you away.