Stormed Fortress - It's a Book!

Author copies arrived today - whoo hoo!

Not long till you have em, too!

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

OMG this is almost too much!

I decided that my local bookstore's new website was too hard to navigate, and I don't have a credit card to purchase over the net…

I'm biting the bullet and sending off a chq today to Mark @ Galaxy in Sydney! Gods I can't wait for this!

Janny, as a side thought, when your books are finally edited & put to print and ye get your copy, do ye sit down and read through your own work, as a finished product?
(Or do ye use this time to catch up on other works that ye've refused to read during the creative process?)

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That is very exciting news Janny :slight_smile: November promises to be a very happy month!

Lee Ball


I can't wait!

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its belting down with rain. I have a demon of a virus - yet I am smiling :smiley:- how could this be? happily counting down the days.

originally posted by Blue

THAT must be one heck of a good feeling, to have the book, IN HAND, Janny!

For months and months, it was before you on the computer screen - hard work, sweat and tears, but somehow NOT REAL, because you could not actually touch it. Unless, of course, you wanted to smudge up your computer screen.

Now, you have the thing in hand - it is REAL!

Lucky, lucky woman! Congratulations!!

originally posted by Trys

There's an excerpt located at

I do check the pages, fast, to be sure none are missing, then check again at a slower speed, for errors. But by now, I am into the next project on the list.

Hope you all enjoyed the excerpt - which I understand, also is now going to be available on Harper Collins UK's site.

Hope you enjoyed the tease…!

originally posted by Winter

I hope the next project is the next book. Because you must know that we will all fly through the book and be demanding to know more within days of release!

originally posted by Clansman

Winter is right. I have already read the teaser three times.

So, Janny, what's the name of the first book in Arc IV? What is the name of the Arc? I have a suggestion:

"Brotherly Love: A Study of Contradictions and Oxymorons"

Emphasis on the "morons" part for Lysaer.

Of particular note in the teaser are what was told to Sulfin Evend, which have Arithon delivering Lysaer from the grip of Desh Thiere:

'Ahead, if his strength stays the course of his fate, he bears the very flame of your hope.’

Frowning, his throat left seared raw from her wretched decoction, Sulfin Evend forced the stark inquiry. ‘You claim that this man has brought Lysaer’s salvation?’

‘Past, and perhaps for the future.’ The crone bent her head, deferent. ‘Alone on Athera, he is the key to secure your liege’s deliverance from jeopardy!’

This is the biggest foreshadowing that Janny's done since Fionn Areth's birth prophecy. There you go, Lysaer lovers! Blondie is somehow going to be delivered from jeopardy. Whether or not he acknowledges it is another matter.

RL is calling. Time to get some work done.

originally posted by Shirley Richards

Yippee! They released the book earlier than expected and I just got notice from Amazon.UK that the book was shipped today. I'm putting up a "do not disturb" sign and shutting the phones off starting next week or earlier depending on how quickly the plane can get to the U.S.

Janny, I love your books and I've read all but one of them. Too bad our U.S. publishers aren't able to recognize a really good author. Hopefully they'll wake up to what they're missing one of these days.

First post for me but have read the postings quite often.

Hi Shirley - welcome here!

And thanks for the nice words.

originally posted by Don Graystone

Well I've been lurking here for a while and I thinks it's time to add a post. Got a copy of SF from a bookstore on the banks of the Yarra at Southbank, Melbourne, Aus yesterday 29th Oct. Haven't had much of a chance to read it but 164 pages … my socks have truley been blown off! Janny fantastic series, magnificient new book. Love the way you spin a yarn, unfortunately I'll finish this book way too quickly and I suspect I'll be on tender hooks waiting for the next installment.

originally posted by hosanna

Hi I bought a copy of Stormed Fortress today! I've been hanging out for 'november' as the time it would be released and considered ordering one ahead of time from the online bookstore but decided the shops still need to see people walk in and buy it off the shelves. I thought I would buy it from the first place I spotted it.
I spotted it today!
I've just read the summary of the story so far and will probably take a longish time to read the whole book (compared with some people who visit here) because I have a two year old etc. but I am really chuffed to have a copy "in my hot little hands".
BTW the Summary was Brilliant Janny :wink:

Hi Don Graystone, welcome here!

It's really really cool to see the lurkers who are inticed into decloaking…and you have no idea how much the encouragement means, at this time. Thank you!

If you're blown away at page 164, better tie down to a boulder or three…you haven't seen anything NEAR what this story's going to deliver!!!

Wave to Hosanna and the other old timers - your support is, and truly, appreciated!

Books of this sort take TIME, and given the impatent trends of the modern market, the steady loyalty matters. I like nothing better than sitting down to cook up a moving and unpredicatable tale - it's a priviledge indeed to hear back from you readers.

originally posted by Blue

Books of this sort take TIME

That will be something to use as a mantra whenever I get MY hands on a copy of this wondrous tome, Janny - I told Terry Brooks at a signing that I had gone through the latest volume in his Shannara series in under 12 hours, and he scolded me to slow down, because he could NOT write that fast!

Maybe you should have Trys post it, in big flashing letters, on the main page of the website? :smiley:

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Why have these people got their books early? I haven't got mine!!! I thought release was Nov 5th!!!

originally posted by HJ

Sob, boo hoo, :frowning_face:

originally posted by Clansman


You are so right. I tend to munch through a new book so fast that I really only get the main plot. Probably due to my being part of the TV generation. However, that sets you up so nicely for a re-read almost as soon as you finish…

I know that I won't read SF that fast though. I really want to savour this, kind of like going to Giovanni's (fabulous Italian restaurant in Ottawa, Canada).

HJ: patience, my friend, patience. The book hit the UK, Aus stores a little early. Mine is, I hope, somewhere over the Atlantic as I write. I'm supposed to get it next week. Yes, it is hard.

I have been consoling myself with my daily "Sheldon" strip (I am not only a Wurts fan, but also a Sheldonista!( and a cup of strong coffee. Small pleasures, I know, but there you are.

Happy All Hallows Eve!

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Of course it has to be released in November, and I'm going to get it probably right in the middle… right as I'm trying to do NaNoWriMo *mourns* Oh well, motivation for me to make my wordcounts, yes? *ordered her copy today from*