Stormed Fortress in the Google Play store?

originally posted by Ainan Sword-Bearer

Hi Janny, and everyone else. I'll begin with the obligatory showering of praise towards the Wars of Light and Shadow series, and add a statement declaring of a hunger for more. Unfortunately I fell out of touch with the books around the time of Perils Gate (with the exception of a few "OMG OMG OMG you won't believe what just happened to Arithon" comments from Laneth, who I'm sure you guys know), and I'm gladly soon to reconnect.

To the matter at hand, I'm looking to buy the e-book versions of the series from the Google Play store (in Australia, if that's a factor to consider), however, Stormed Fortress doesn't appear to be available there. I could have sworn I saw it there a few weeks ago when I made my first search to see if the series was available. Is this an error or should I expect to see it return at some point in the future? I want to build my collection, but it would be somewhat sad to see a hole where Stormed Fortress should be.

Thank you, and I hope my future posts veer far from the questioning, and into the realm of discussion and speculation as to what to expect next!

originally posted by Annette

Booktopia does not have the Google ebook version either, never have. I remember that because I have been complaining for ages they do not have a full series in ebook or paperback format. One book is missing from each set. You could get the Kobo or kindle (USA) version of Stormed Fortress, but only Kindle has all 9 books. Hopefully Janny knows why there is no Google eBook for Stormed Fortress, but it is bound to eventually turn up.

Hi Ainan Swordbearer, welcome here! and how delightful to hear you have reconnected.

As to all the books' availability in e format in Australia - I was not aware of this until your post (And Annette's)

The whole thing has been very frustrating - books getting put up and taken down - the best I can do: provide a concise list of WHICH titles are not available on What service, which I will forward to my editor in London, who will get it to the appropriate parties and take action.

I can't say how long this will take…but it's worth a shot, and I'd rather have a request in the pipeline being worked on than have no effort in action at all.

Thanks so much for posting!

originally posted by Ainan Sword-Bearer

Wow, I totally didn't expect a reply quite as quick as this!

I can understand how frustrating digital distribution could be, especially when you have to deal with different releases over different regions and formats, and when online stores do things like pulling items because of a perceived problem. Even more so because it tends to happen without any knowledge to the author, or even their publisher. I'd guessed this might have been the case here.

Glad I was able to bring it to your attention. Ill be keeping my eyes open and hopes high. In the mean time, I think I'll start back on Curse, and that should provide ample time for Stormed Fortress to reappear.

originally posted by Ainan Sword-Bearer

Just a quick update, I checked the Google Play store this evening (as I've been doing on a regular basis), and Stormed Fortress has found it's way back up there. I'm only in the beginning act of Ships of Merior, so I still have a bunch of time until I reach Stormed Fortress, but it's awesome to know my library will look complete once I get there!

Thanks for the update, and glad to hear things are straightened out.

originally posted by Annette

Booktopia has it as well now, although it could not have been available for long, they have yet to put the cover art up for it.
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