Stormed fortress hard cover

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I remember seeing a few people mention that they really wanted stormed fortress in hard cover. I came across this on ebay and thought i should share.—Stormed-Fortress-BCA-HB_W0QQitemZ39008665294 3QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090827?IMSfp=TL0908271510004r7734

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I admit, I can't really believe that entry. :wink: I'm pretty sure a hardback edition of Stormed Fortress was never printed, else I'd've bought it!

But what I really want is a hardback US edition. If I can't have one of Janny's portraits on the cover… it's already non-matchy enough that the format can't bug me either.

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The only HC of SF was a British book club edition.


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Was there a book club edition this time? I thought I'd remembered complaining at the time that there wasn't even going to be a hardcover for the book clubs with Stormed Fortress.

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I ordered one over the weekend. Gentleman assured me it was a hardback BCA (Book Club Edition). Unfortunately it won't be here for DragonCon…

Might be when I get back. With shipping it came to $20 and some change.

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I have seen before on the SF book club website for Britain but they do not ship to United States… :frowning_face:

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As the Gryphon indicates, if there was a US hard cover, I sure never found it.

Mentioned elsewhere that I own a UK Book Club edition of Stormed Fortress (not bragging, etc.; just want to offer you proof that it does exist, Lyssa). And yes Wayne, I:

1) had to have a friend in London order it from Amazon UK because they wouldn't ship it here, and

2) paid plenty for it to take a boat ride across the pond.

On the up side; it's WORTH it! :wink:

Well, I am packed for DragonCon -

Just a side note for you all to cross your fingers…I petitioned AGAIN for a hardback release when Stormed Fortress comes to the USA - it's a long shot…but given how many hardback collectors we have going here, it's worth asking…so - dream it!

Next, I started the painting I "would have done" if there had been a US hardback - IF and this is longshot - IF London ever did come through - I could print a "jacket" to match the US collection on our large format printer. If you covered it with a book protector - bingo. It would be print quality, acid free paper, for about cost of a print.

That is my dream plan for the moment…

NOTE if you are going to DragonCon I have a LIMITED NUMBER of Stormed Fortress paperbacks, imported, at my sale table.

Yes, there was ONLY a British book club edition - cheaper paper, smaller size than the tradepaperback or your usual hardback, but hardback.

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Janny - just de-lurking to say that you are a wonderful person. You are always ready and willing to go just that one step farther for your fans.

Thank you.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

*Echos Double P's sentiments*

And have a good time at DragonCon (wish I was going!).

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Back from DragonCon!!

I was great again visiting with Don and Janny and everyone else that stopped by their table in the artshow.

Can't wait until next year!!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

*Envies Wayne*

Thanks for the compliment, PurplePenny -

and just a note to say we are back in one piece, that it was a great con, Wayne's help was invaluable, and before you ask, yes, the copies of Stormed Fortress sold out.

More later.

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I think all the usual suspects must have followed you to DragonCon but forgot their way home, oh talespinner; 'tis way too quiet in here.

*Checks to make sure the Gryphon is occupied elsewhere, then begins making a racket*

Awake! Fear, fire, foes…oh, oops, wrong author! ;-).

Quiet for me, because (rarely) I caught a sniffle and brought it home from the con. Also because Don snorted coffee at his computer and kept having to borrow my keyboard…life happens. I didn't ask what he was watching.

Today I am feeling human again - if anyone feels the need to stir up some noise, be my guest.

I could, you know, post just the most eye popping sort of sneak peak…well. Just how MUCH controversy do you wish to explode?

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*Waits with hushed expectation, after securing his eyes*

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Yes please! Got my glasses on so they should stop my eyes from going to far :smiley:

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(Argh - spotted the typo just as I posted … "too far")

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I would like to explode as much controversy as you wish. In fact, I am quivering with anticipation and am expecting to throughly enjoy being led down the primrose path.

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throughly - thoroughly. I miss spell check! Too much anticipation is not always a good thing.