Stellarcon 2005

See you at Stellarcon - ! And get ready for the reading on Saturday Night.

originally posted by Cheryl

Where is this con at? Wish I was going to it. I enjoyed your reading very much at WFC this last year. I might try for Dragon Con this year but next year World Con in LA, can't wait and WFC in Texas.

originally posted by Wayne McCalla


StellarCon was held this weekend in Greensboro, NC. Actually I have only been home for about half hour or so.

Our very own Ms. Wurts was Author Guest of Honor and Don was Artist Guest of Honor.

It was a small con but a very well run and busy con for Janny. I enjoyed it a lot. Just wish others from board could have made it.

Reading was great again of course. :smiley:

Thinking about DragonCon but still unsure if can afford the room rates(150/night). Unless find some others to split costs.


originally posted by Cheryl

Thanks Wayne, I hope to make Dragon Con. It seems a lower priced con than WFC as far as the con itself price. I wasn't sure on the hotel prices yet. I don't know how soon in advance you need reservations for the con. I'm still considering it though. Would be fun to see you again Wayne. I bet it was fun to see Janny's artwork again. I could stare at it all day and miss the con entirely because I was admiring her artwork instead. lol

originally posted by Sandtiger

I am going to Ad Astra in Toronto in a few weeks, and am considering going to EerieCon in Niagara Falls, NY in Mid-April. EerieCon's still a "I want to go, but can't really afford it because I just bought a new desk and a new computer" but I have people trying to wear me down into agreeing. Is anyone here going?

The only other Con I will be going to this year is Toronto Trek in July.


originally posted by Beth

Man am I bummed now. Here I was just complaining to some girl friends about not going to conferences and seeing Janny and then there is one in my home state 2 hours from me and I total miss it.

How did I miss knowing Janny was going to be in NC???

Oh well, there will be another time I hope.


originally posted by Cheryl

They usually happen once a year Beth so keep an eye out this time next year. Sorry you missed it and it was so close. It didn't get talked about as much online this time for some reason. I hope you get to go next year and Janny comes again. She's so funny I enjoyed being around her and everyone that weekend. Very special, fond memories I still have of WFC. Even though I was MIA some of the time. lol

originally posted by Beth

I have not heard of Stellarcon before and it wasn't in the conferences I usually watch. G.R.R. Martin is coming to one of the Conferences in the Triangle in 2006. I also watch DragonCon but haven't gone yet. I quit watching Janny's site so much since I spent more time over here in the chat area. So I missed seeing that appear under appearances.

One of these days I hope to get to meet Janny. Until then, I just keep reading and looking at her art.


originally posted by Beth Caudill

Ok, Made a mistake, G.R.R. Martin is coming to Trionc*coN in 2007 not 2006. :smiley: