State of the Series/at Destiny's Confict

Here's what I found out during my face to face with HarperCollins 360 - from the staff member that has and is working hardest for the success of this series:

They can only do as much as the London office gives them (which means, online ONLY, and not much else).

So - we are on our own, readers - to increase visibility - reviews - you've done great, but they've slacked off - whoever's recently finished or still reading, keep them coming.

The USA 'on sale' date is in fact January 23rd 2018. There can be review copies sent in the USA for that launch - if you have a review blogger you favor SHOUT IT OUT, I can ask to have them sent a copy, if they are seriously interested in the series.

Amazon USA did in fact jump the gun on the release, supplying themselves from their own outlets overseas; they may be reprimanded for it/so if you want a US shipment quicker, best get it ordered stat.


LibaryThing - the first review just went up. Only 8 copies listed, right now.

GoodReads has more response, but the visibility curve for added copies is slowing way down - the book has not appeared in any of the 'what are you reading' discussions in the various fantasy groups.

Amazon reviews: also have slowed down, if you have a comment to make, thank you, please do.

General forums at large: just ONE dedicated threads to this book that actually discussed its contents in a way that showed what the reader could expect. Thanks to the person who posted at the SFFChronicles - there had been no ackknowledgment or post that the book had ACTUALLY released, until then. The spoiler thread created has no content saying how the read went - but VIEWS of that thread (over fifty to date) means readers are checking it out…so have at a discussion if you are a member and so inclined.

Bottom Line: all motivation has to arise from the London office - and they will respond to increased success. Love the series? Let's make them love it too!

I am doing another AMA at r/fantasy for NaNoWriMo, on Nov 20. If you want writers' advice, come liven it up.

I am also preparing a printable'series navigation' sheet, and a few items that can be shared in social media. It's been suggested that I make such things available to you readers to share and download - interested? The website is going to be overhauled and this can be made to happen.

If you have other ideas for outreach, or want to share stuff you find - use this thread.

I will add to it where appropriate.

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My preciouss…my precious…

[stroke beautiful book that arrive in the mail today…] :smiley:

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Gollum Redux, Jay-Jay!

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Not hard to guess who one of my OTHER favourite writers is… lol!