Starting him young...

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Well, my 11 year-old son Duncan just finished Lord of the Rings (including all the appendices). I will add the purposeful statement that "he used to love the movies". He thought the last Hobbit movie was quite a bit over the top, with too much of a departure from the book (especially the dwarf/elven romance: "that didn't happen!").

Last night, he asked me for the Silmarillion. I redirected him, as the Silmarillion is a bit dense for an 11 year-old, and gave him Master of Whitestorm. This was at 9:15, when he is quite sleepy, and will read a few pages before turning out the light.

Well, he's hooked. Had to stomp down the stairs and tell him to turn off the light quite a bit later. I'll put Curse in his hands in a couple of years, but either Sorcerer's Legacy or Shadowfane will be the next thing I give him.

Another fan to add to the lists, Janny.

originally posted by Clansman

I meant to say Stormwarden, not Shadowfane. Caught by the 5 minute edit rule.

Your kid is awesome!!!

The youngest ever reader (that I knew about) for Light and Shadows was twelve, and female…I was honestly flabbergasted.

Amazes me…given so many complain of the language, and whinge that LOTR's prose is dated. Your kid, yes, is awesome!! You must be very proud.

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I do admit that my chest swells up every time I think about him. He's long since moved past the YA stuff like Ranger's Apprentice, though he'll still read it given nothing else, but he is seeking a challenge.

Plus, he still wants to be like Dad. Talk about an "awe, shucks" feeling that I take full advantage of, because it won't last much longer.

Dunc's a voracious reader, and loves to play for hours with LEGO, and exploring woods and wild places. He also likes TV and video games, like any other 11 year-old, but those are strictly limited by Mom and Dad. As for reading, he can do that as much as he wants (except late at night).

originally posted by Clansman

He finished Master of Whitestorm in two weeks, reading only at bedtime. Not bad for 11, and before I could give him anything else, he grabbed the omnibus of Cycle of Fire.

My creation is now beyond my control…gasp! He might pick up Curse before his 12th birthday in July. I think he's too young for it, but I won't prevent him from trying it. Kid's gotta explore, after all.