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originally posted by wayne harper

Sorry if this has been asked before.Janny do you have any plans for spin off books about Athera or any of the gate worlds or indeed have you written any?

wayne harper -

There are 3 short stories in the Atheran universe available straightaway. I can list them and their anthologies if you are interested.

I have a novella nearly completed on Verrain's story - the finish on that one will need to wait till this book is turned in.

I've got plans to cover some other backhistory material - not novel length, though. It could be sold as chapbooks or graphic books, or ideally, be combined with an art book - the material for that is extensive, but - the series has to come first and create the way for that to happen.

I even thought about (and have notes for) a first contact story - which would be very fun!! But all shelved for the moment, until we see how this launch fares.

I've got a one-off, unrelated novel I want to do that's three chapters written, and have also a sequel to Cycle of Fire, and some other stuff…have to see which way the wind blows to know what to pick.

But the last two volumes of the series are under contract RIGHT NOW - they get priority.

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*Fidgets with joy over a sequel to cycle of fire*

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

Holy crap, Cycle of Fire sequal?! *squee* … Janny, VERY few people can make me "squee"…and you're one of them!

Also - I have a best mate that I introduced to WoLaS and he loves it as much as I, only he identifies with Verrain & Ciladis (two of the least described characters, imo) so he's gonna flip over that news!

Question re: Backhistory Material - Have you seen
"The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern"? It's for Anne McCaffrey's worlds and elaborates on such things as the Weyr & Hold crests and colours and history etc.
Would that be along the lines of what you'd hope to do? An Atheran / Paravian Companion? Because that would be totally sweet :smiley:

originally posted by Hunter

For another Cycle of Fire novel, I'm torn between a sequel which presumably (I could be wrong!) deals with how the human population on Keithland reverts back to a star faring society now armed against the demonspawn… and the prequel of the events that caused them to crash onto Keithland in the first place.

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

Personally, I'm really hoping for a sequel over a prequel - I feel that, without being unkind to the story, there has been enough light shed on their why's and how's that the humans and demons came to be on Keithland.

That said, It might be too much to write such a character as Jaric now embodies - he's got such power now, and such extensive ability to KNOW things, how would one find a suitable story for him to fit within? (If anyone could do it, it would be Janny) But I fear you may be right Hunter in the way that it'll likely be a prequel.

But our beloved Spinner of Tales did use the word Sequel…I maintain my hopes of that being true :smiley:

originally posted by Hunter

I was professing a wish for the story *I* would like to read - as opposed to what Janny is intending to write. I believe it is a sequel that she has planned - at some point **after** finishing Arc V of WoLaS!!

I would think there are a number of avenues for potential stories, mostly predicated on the Vaere doing something and re-engaging all the populations of Keithland with the wider universe from which they've been isolated for some period of time. Jaric may have conquered the ragtag band of daemons on Keithland, who knows what now rules in space?

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I now need to go dig up that trilogy and reread it. Just one more thing to drive me to drink. Ofcourse ill have to blame janny for the drinking to the fiance :stuck_out_tongue:

Sequel for Cycle of Fire would definitely be SEQUEL, and very much concern what's out there in space…if I do this, it will be titled Starhope. the main reason to pursue this one would be to pull the other ones back into print…otherwise, why not do something else? The early volumes are not available, so it makes little sense to continue unless this is likely to shift.

The First Contact would be mankind's exodus/arrival to Athera…a really really wild moment in the back-history.

I want and will do (eventually) all of the stories of the rebellion/each royal house's experience/how those lineages survived…one's done and published.

I have notes, thick ones, on many possibles…and one even started - but I don't want to give that one away…the Verrain story's quite far along, I think, some 70 pages. I just got too busy to keep on with it.

I wish the earlier books WERE available, and all of the one-offs - it's harder to get readers to try a huge series, first off.

Wish I wrote faster, too, who doesn't wish that?

originally posted by Frank T Davis

I bought my copy of the "Cycle of Fire" trilogy as a single volume which was an outstanding purchase. The volume is 6" X 9.25" and has 694 pages, a trade paperback. From my perspective this would be the way to mass market a next edition or reprint. I found it delightful to be able to read the entire trilogy from one volume without the waits in between releases. But then I am completely sold on anything Janny does.

Though we appear to sometimes get impatient Janny, we live for your next release no matter the title. So keep on doing what you're doing, we love it.

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Janny, You've got me positively drooling.

originally posted by Alistair Clark

Me too.

My job - write faster. Your job - read the stuff!

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That seems a Job we all here can handle

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Ah, the ecstacy of anticipation.

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Yes id be interested in the short storys if you could name the books they are in.I just ordered all your other books that are not part of the series those and the short stories will hopefully fill the gap till the next book is printed.And again thanks for the great tales.

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wayne harper,

Here are the three Athera short stories:

"Child of Prophecy" appeared in Masters of Fantasy (Baen Books). Click here for an excerpt.

"Reins of Destiny" appeared in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy

"Sundering Star" appeared in Under Cover of Darkness


originally posted by wayne harper

thank you very much