Speculation about Song of the Mysteries based on Curse of the Mistwraith

I’ve read up to Grand Conspiracy or so before, so all speculation is based on what I’ve read and the title of the final book. I have no idea if I’m right - I hope so, but we’ll find out!

So! Keeping in mind that all of the series can be traced back to Curse, so says Ms Wurts - I’m reading the Coronation chapter and it’s horrifying and fascinating in equal measure. Where’s Luhaine? What did Dakar actually say, and what did Arithon hear?

From what I’ve learned of Desh-thiere - it can see (somewhat?) into the future. The nightmares Lysaer saw - visions! We know it learns from what it eats, and twists all to the purpose of - well, has that been defined?

As I’m rereading, for the first time I have truly noticed and understood: Lysaer hasn’t been geased or spelled - he is literally possessed by the Mistwraith. Multiple nudges in the chapter highlight that his thoughts are not his own. He’s prevented from self-reflection or realization that something is wrong, and he’s acting illogically. But what truly, truly drives me to make this post is the question: why did Lysaer break the lyranthe?

It’s presented as an act of rage, Lysaer striking out at everything ‘wrong’ about Arithon, perversely justified by how he’s going to force Arithon to serve Etarra and not his music (while he was just raging about how Arithon is a lying bastard, the worst possible king for Etarra, he’ll give them over to the clansmen, etc etc) - he is ‘urged by a pang’ to look at the Lyranthe.

Desh-thiere WANTS this thing destroyed. Why? Is it to break any reminder of the Paravians, the one force that can hold it? Is it to further drive the wedges into the curse?

Arithon has worked greater magic through his music than he has with his elemental mastery, e.g. Jaelot.

The title of the final novel in the series, the crux of it all: Song of the Mysteries.

What, then, is the purpose of the Curse? Desh-thiere doesn’t work without a reason. It’s not mindlessly striking out in rage, despite being furious. What does it want? What does it know from the future? Why would it get revenge on Arithon and Lysaer in this way?

I might be barking up the wrong tree, but I think, I think that Arithon’s bardic ability (note how Ms. Wurts, through Elaira, reminded Lysaer and us VERY strongly that Arithon’s musical ability is the important piece, and how taking the Etarran crown would kill it.) - I think Arithon’s music is the key to the whole thing.

I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out, I don’t know if he’s going to use it to find the Paravians or sing a dragon asleep/awake or sing Desh-thiere to calm/peace instead of confinement or what, but I don’t think Desh-thiere’s piece in the story is over yet… and I think Arithon’s music is the key to whatever is coming.

In conclusion, Ms. Wurts, I cannot wait for Song of the Mysteries!!!


Lysaer stated at the time why he destroyed the lyranthe, I would not look beyond that explanation, possibly Lysaer will also be responsible either accidentally or deliberately for the destruction of the lyranthe that Arithon inherited as Masterbard. It will not stop him being Athera’s Masterbard, he would just master making them and make his own. We have seen him play other instruments and other lyranthes his skill is not tied to just one instrument.

I would continue reading the series, especially in Peril’s Gate you will learn the wish of Arithon’s heart and why he is going to be willing to go through all that pain and suffering in the final book. Curse of the Mistwaraith was just the introduction to the series in no way does it contain all the clues to where the story is going. The one glimpse from the future is contained in the prologue, which is from the 7th age, long after the Mistwaraithe is just a memory.

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I like the idea of a parallel between the opening and closing books of WOLAS.
I’ll try to propose this without any SPOILERS (beyond Curse of the Mistwraith anyway).
In Curse of the Mistwraith, several Sorcerers are introduced, some more prominent than others.
For me, Asandir plays the most prominent role in contact with Lysaer and Arithon.
Between Curse of the Mistwraith up to and including Destiny’s Conflict,
we have learned which two Sorcerers have particular affinities, one for Lysaer, and one for Arithon.
We have learned of Asandir’s and Lysaer’s affinity.
So to parallel what happens in Curse of the Mistwraith,
I happily anticipate a starring role, in Song of the Mysteries,
for the Sorcerer with the closest affinity, not to Lysaer, but to Arithon.


I can see hardcover versions of curse and ships via Amazon uk for less than £10 - seems like a bargain to me (my paperback copy of curse recently fell into 2 pieces…does anyone have any experience of buying these second hand - are they likely to be reliably available after so many years?

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I have found good places to track down hardcover copies can be on Amazon, but I had better luck with Alibris. They crowdsource with indy booksellers and I repopulated my shelf with copies in HC that I found there, including some copies of Ships of Merior US that were in excellent shape.

Song of the Mysteries hard-back looks available for pre-order on Amazon UK. No kindle version yet though

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Amazon UK and Amazon Australia had listings for it. Blackwell’s Bookshop in the UK has it also, etc. US-side, Barnes & Noble, plus various local shops were listing it. Amazon US is still pending though but hopefully that will show up soon also.