Special Editions/Empire series

You may be wondering what I am doing at the moment since finishing out the deadlines for Song of the Mysteries.

Long in the wings, I am completing the artwork - cover and interior - for Grim Oak Press special editions of the Empire series. Daughter of the Empire was completed and published already. I am now at work on Servant of the Empire - 8 pencil black and white interiors and a full wraparound cover - to be followed by Mistress of the Empire when Servant’s works are completed. These are beautiful books, and watch for the publication date, to be determined by Shawn Speakman once the artwork is completed.

More in the wings I am not free to disclose - just I am plenty busy! and the Outcast’s notes keep on piling up and refining on the side - like The Gallant, all that material will be there when I have the gap in schedule to tackle it.

Happy Summer Reading! My favorite recent read: Miles Cameron’s bronze age sequel to Against all Gods, out now (Storming Heaven), the Liaden universe recent release, Salvage Right, and Martha Wells’ Witch King.


Thanks for the update, Janny! Can’t wait to see the finished product on the Servant of the Empire for Grim Oak, as well as Mistress of the Empire! And The Outcast is eagerly anticipated!

Currently taking a swing at Witch King as well and enjoying it greatly!

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