Sorcerer's Legacy e-book (re-release!)

originally posted by Jeffrey L Watson

Sorcerer's Legacy has just been published as an e-book.

Administrator’s Note: The e-book was re-released by a different publisher in 2021. Purchase links can be found further down in this thread.

originally posted by Annette

So the ice bridge painting did sort of get on the cover. Looks great. :smiley:

And I noticed That Way Lies Camelot is also coming out as an e-book, congratulations Janny on finally having all your novels available as e-books.

Soon, Annette, Cycle of Fire trilogy will happen too.

originally posted by Annette

I had a quick glimpse at the e-book prefiew, not sure if I will buy it yet or not, I do not read Sorcerer's Legacy a real lot, so the audio book sounded more interesting.

There was a typo in the e-book version.

"Overwrought!" said Elienne. "Your heart is cold as Etemity, Gifted. Let Pendaire's Prince seek his own bride, if indeed he has the manhood."

The rn of Eternity were combined to make an m. There are no page numbers I can see in the preview and maybe it is not in the actual e-book? The page number in the paperback Harper Collins did with the demonic cover is page 18.

That was as far as I had a chance to read.

originally posted by Harrison K

Typos are common in ebooks that were published as actual books originally, especially before the digital age. I'm guessing the publisher used a similar scanning system that people(unlawfully) use to make and distribute digital books on the internet out of the original. "rn" turns into m, lowercase l's into 1's, n into h, ect. There were several of these in Curse of the Mistwraith. I pointedly remember one reviewer commenting on how he loved the book but wished he could take a red pen to his Nook :smiley:

The book was proofed several times, with a long list of such things fixed - and reproofed by a proofer after - so sorry one got through. I will make a note of it.

There are several more books forthcoming - all 3 Cycle of Fire, and That Way Lies Camelot, the collection of short fiction. If there are any of you with a VERY SHARP EYE, who can move FAST (we don't have months, but days, usually) and who are willing to apply to me via e mail, I will see about asking the publisher if I can request volunteer eyes to help. No guarantee I'd get the permission, but if there is interest, it is certainly worth a try.

originally posted by Annette

I am never worried about a little typo, but I know Janny likes her word and works to appear at their best.

originally posted by Auna

I did the happy excited dance and yipped a squeeeeeeee before buying it :smiley:

For some reason this book remains my favorite to keep rereading and my poor tattered, yellowed book can now happily retire. I also bought the audio book a while back.

After reading so many Kindle books I've gotten rather used to scanning mistakes. Most of the time they are easy to translate though there was one that was done in such a way that it became split between two words and formed two not-words. I had to read that a few times to figure out what it was supposed to say.

Auna - Annette noted there is a way to report errors like this back to Kindle - if you care to, thanks!

originally posted by Auna

How do you report the issues? I'll gladly try to keep an eye out and do that.

originally posted by Annette

To report errors with any kindle book you just highlight the typo, and the menu options and meaning of the word will pop up, click the 'more' option on the bottom right and choose the option 'report content error'. Usually at that point you just select typo and put in your explanation of the problem.

originally posted by Auna

Oh cool, thanks for that info. I never really looked beyond the definition bit.

originally posted by Auna

I finally found an error but I didn't get a 'More' option when I highlighted the problem word. Perhaps that is only available to later Kindle models?

Chapter 9 - Duel of Masters
(after the duel)…

Permitted no diversion, Elienne exhausted herself battling the despair that threatened hourly to overwhelm her. Accustomcd …

The word Accustomed has a 'c' instead of an 'e'.

originally posted by Annette

Maybe it depends on what you are using to read the book, as to whether you can report errors, I use kindle for PC. I just downloaded the e-book version from the USA store and reported the typo. ng_zpsf6f9b39c.jpg~original

I was actually just past that point reading the real book. So I might as well change to the e-book version now I have it.

Nice to know I can still get my kindle books from the USA store, I was worried I would have to wait for everything to appear on the Australian store.

Truly appreciate the sharp eyes, and the help with this!!! You guys rock!!! :smiley:

originally posted by Annette

I have a question. The first word (or two) of each chapter are in bold capitals, was that an intended change in the formatting? zps8fa40d26.jpg~original
Just seems strange the first word or two would be more important than the chapter title.

That would have been the publisher's choice of typography.

originally posted by Auna

Aha, I can swap to the PC app, I just grabbed the Kindle device - I alternate what I read on depending on mood. I found another typo and put a note on it so I can keep reading and go back later and submit it :smiley:

originally posted by Auna

I was able to submit the typos via the PC app, so thanks for that tip. I found three total.

originally posted by Annette

Next time I report a typo I must remember to check how we can check up on what we reported. Pretty sure I reported all mine but never came across the multiple word one Auna mentioned. Someone else might find it and report it.

location 181
"Overwrought!" said Elienne. "Your heart is cold as Etemity, Gifted."
-should be Eternity

location 880
‘Darion’s been drugged,’ she said tersely, and described what she had seen in the rnirrowstone.
-should be mirrowstone

location 1661
She may provide evidence qf his guilt, or possibly names of his accomplices.
-should be of

location 1732
Grief allowed her neither pride not will to resist.
-should be nor

location 2393
Her skin wept clarnmy sweat, and tension clenched her stomach.
-should be clammy

location 2516
Accustomcd lifelong to activity, she fretted in confinement.
should be Accustomed

location 3361
The efiects of close proximity have disoriented her.
-should be effects

location 4308
Sharp brown eyes studied her, and the courtier commented unpleasantly about the intransigence of women in matters of stare.
-should be state

Which I would say was hardly any typos even including the few still missed. I would have not even noticed some if I was just reading the book for fun and not looking for typos.