Sorcerer's Legacy and Master of Whitestorm on Kindle - what happened to them?

originally posted by Brent Dubroc

I KNOW that these titles were available on Kindle, as I have them on my device still, yet I'm not able to find any trace of them on Amazon now - the link to buy them is gone. What happened to them?

originally posted by Jeff

Hello Mr Dubroc.

I see all of those Audible titles on

Are you using Amazon from outside the USA?


I also checked Google Play Books and they only have the Empire trilogy on audiobook.

originally posted by Jeff

Oh, I see you meant the Kindle version of the text format books.

I don't see them either; only Audible and print formats.

Please bear with me - the publisher who held the rights messed up - non payment, erratic communication, bad health, and finally a debilitating stroke broke the last rickety wheels off that wagon. I had to wait out the 5 year term to revert the rights. This was done last year/a new deal has been struck, the books will be re-issued with new covers, text proofed more meticulously - the task of reissue been in the works all through the fall (artwork, literally re-creating e files where none existed (with huge help from Brian Uri!!!) proofing, new blurbs, all that - I've been on it on top of drafting Song) - the new publisher has Actually Read Them/so they will market with more diligence and accuracy - they've got a release date in mind and it's not far off - but they wished me to 'hold' any announcement until the pre-order pages are live…(algorithm! those pre-orders are so very important to make a title rise into visibility).

I have completed all the work for their production.

You will be getting Whitestorm, Sorcerer's Legacy, and Cycle of Fire - e book worldwide (and print in US/CA). Be patient, I expect to be able to let you all know what's up shortly.

MEANWHILE: you can get these titles in Audio from Audible and also, paper copies in UK/AU/NZ from HarperCollins UK (if you can get access to the Book Depository, you can order them overseas).

I hated to disrupt access - but - yet another publisher gone AWOL threw a monkey wrench in the works. The new outfit will do a much better job! (and I'll get paid!) and the downtime should not be too much longer.

Thanks for asking!

Preorder links are up for boxed set of Cycle of Fire - Open Road Media is releasing it in early March. You should be able to get the Cycle of Fire titles as singles, too, if you don't want to go for the boxed set!

Click on cover images to preorder on Amazon.

Master of Whitestorm and Sorcerer's Legacy are also up for preorder/same release date.

Open Road Media will do a good job with them, and with your support, fingers crossed!

Click on cover images to preorder on Amazon.