Song of the Mysteries - Reviews

As we near the May 28, 2024 global release date for Song of the Mysteries, advance reviews are starting to appear online. If you find a review out in the wild, feel free to reply to this thread and I’ll update the list. Video reviews welcomed as well.

Reviews are grouped below by their level of spoilers. Of course, you should avoid every review if you want an absolutely pristine first reading experience.

[Mild Spoilers] These reviews share nothing that hasn’t already been revealed in the first 10 volumes.

[Moderate Spoilers] These reviews may share “stage-setting” details from the beginning of the new volume, similar to reading the blurb on back cover.

[Major Spoilers] These reviews may share explicit plot details or present a deep-dive discussion that shouldn’t be read until after you have savored the volume yourself.

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[Mild Spoilers] Niko’s Book Reviews just posted an effusively positive impression of the book without any spoilers in sight.


Oh good! I’ve avoided the reviews with spoilers. Thanks!

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[Mild Spoilers] @chibipoe has posted a spoiler-free review on Goodreads. Sharing it here since he’s a part of this forum community.

This link goes directly to the review – be aware that there may be spoilers in other parts of the Goodreads site even though this particular review is spoiler-free.


Did my best to not just squee about everything ever. Will save that for when I have the book in hand when release date rolls around. :heart_eyes:

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[Moderate Spoilers] P.L. Stuart has posted a review at Before We Go Blog. The review is mostly spoiler-free, but there are two direct quotations (in bold) from the book as well as abbreviated entries from the Glossary that some people might prefer to avoid.


[Mild Spoilers] A new review from sparkour is up on Reddit (the fantasy subreddit). There are no spoilers, just impressions and general statements about the flow of the book.