Song of the Mysteries - Cover Reveal

Janny has released the cover art that will appear on Song of the Mysteries!

Left-click on the image to see it full screen, or right-click on the image and open it in a new tab or window to see it at full resoluion.


So beautiful! Can’t wait to have book in hand! Congratulations, Janny! :smiley:

I do like the cover, glad they never faded it. Janny would the falls in the smaller inset image be the Falls at Lind’s’taer?

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that snake is scary - only a few months to go!
I presume the snake is a meth-snake? Will we see the freed mist-wraith possess meth-snakes?!
I wondered whether Lirenda might align with arithon but the initial chapter comments from the biedar (on a podcast) seem to suggest that the koriani are still very much a threat to arithon
Are the 2 other cults the Mistwraith and koriani? Or are there two more exponents in addition with the knowledge? If one matriarch is prepared to use the knowledge this risk goes into the future and biedar will presumably want to reconcile this risk at some point? And everything pales in comparison to lot’s of drakes getting on to Paravia?

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It is a bit more than a few months to wait.

Think of the snake as more symbolic, rather than a physical snake. The triple coiled snake eating its own tail was mentioned in Fugitive Prince, and a snake that devoured its own tail was mentioned in Peril’s Gate. That the snake is surrounding a site of the mysteries would have meaning. Janny will no doubt explain the symbolism eventually.