Something funny about Arithon to share

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I'm finishing Traitor's Knot anyday now and I had the bookmark for it of Arithon that I'd gotten at the convention inside the book. It's a great picture of Arithon too. The phone rang and caused me to hurry and shut the book and I left the bookmark sitting out on the bed where I was reading. This morning my husband said he woke up and the bookmark was stuck on his back. I thought he had Arithon stuck on his back and slept with Arithon on his back all night and didn't know it. I asked him if he had a dream of Arithon, the Masterbard and he said no he didn't have any dream like that. lol It was just a funny laugh I had this morning that I could only share here. grin PS I wonder if my husband will suddenly have musical talent now. He does play a little guitar. hehe

originally posted by max

Does he wear boxers? Or does he wear briefs? You know, when Elaira left his small clothes on. How small are they? [grinning at ya]

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I may have to rate this board R for outRageous! ::big, grin::

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Hmm, I remember one scene where a barmaid looked at "the way he filled his clothes, and warmed to frank invitation" and I was never quite sure what part she was looking at as Arithon is quite a slender chap!!!

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I remember that part Roisin. lol I wondered the same thing. I wondered if I had gone past pg 13 into R for outRageous there. I just had the bickest laugh picturing Arithon stuck to my husbands back. I don't think I should answer Max's question. That's kind of personal. hehehe If only I could sleep with Arithon attached to my back. hehe ROTFLMAO is that right abbreviation for that Trys? lol I do love the descriptions of Arithon and how small and fragile he is but yet he's so strong and manly at the same time. I won't go any further or I'll get in trouble. lol I wonder what Arithon sleeps in.

originally posted by Roisin

*grin* Janny, I think you have your suggestion as to what cameo to use for your scene? *grin*

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Arithon in briefs perhaps? Did they have briefs back then? lol Need to look in my reference book on that one. lol

originally posted by susan stevens

A snippet for the girls!!!
In the year 2000 a man walked into my shop, that almost fitted arithons description. His hair wasn't raven black but more a smokey black. His features were sharp and his skin as white as paper. but the eyes…the eyes… emerald green with turquoise glints and as expressive as a childs open gaze…I couldnt help myself…i strip searched the poor guy (with may eyes of course i swear my hands were occupied holding a bucket of flowers) He spoke no english (i think he was central european) We communicated thoughts on a wholly different level…infact there was 'energy' that flowed out from the area of our stomachs and was quite visable to me and i suspect to him…after a couple of minutes he fell backwards into some more flowers and the moment was broken…a couple of days later for the first time i read C.o.t.M.W and it seemed profound that here he was described by our amazing author…i don't know what it all means…something extraordinary happened…of that i have no doubt…

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer


I like your descriptions. That is wild. Love it. I just read the part where Arithon is lying down on the bed and his raven hair was spread out on the pillow and Elaira was spreading oils on his skin. I had fun picturing Arithon like that. What a handsome picture. I think I eyed Arithon a little too much. lol You're guy sounds very handsome Susan. Did you get his phone number? Too bad he didn't speak English. That is a strange encounter. Are you an author Susan? I like your way of writing.

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originally posted by Blue

Susan, where are you located? I live in Kent, Washington, just south of Seattle, and I encountered an Arithon lookalike with a distinct Russian accent. I wonder if this could somehow be the same fellow, or at least a relative?

My lookalike was dealing with his two year old son, who was flirting up a storm with the little girl across the aisle on the bus. As I got off, I told him he'd probably have to chain his son up when he discovered girls "for real" as a teenager. He blushed a little, laughed and said, "That's vhat my vife and I are afraid of."

originally posted by susan stevens

Hi blue,
I live in sydney but would move in a flash if i thought there was a race of these green eyed gods available for daily worship…
russian or polish has always been my guess…
The down side of my encounter, simply put, is nobody else measures up!!
I have been blessed by numerous, extraordinary happenings, to spell it out lots of different psychic/paranormal experiences…no i am not mad or delusional…working in horticulture, eight hours a day seven days p/w, surrounded by plants trees,birds and peeeace was one continuous meditation, in that state all things are possible…i define my relationship with god/creation/self by these experiences…to deny the sanctity of one is to deny all…on a pragmatic note…my ex and i were instrumental in founding the aust institute of parapsychological res. working with a few unis Our aim to see if the subject could meet the criteria for scientific provability…of course it couldn't…quantative repeatability is necessary and annecedotal evidence dosn't count…the bright light is that (BBC interview in 99/2000) a group of european scientists(inc nobel winners) acknowledge there is a difference between mind and brain and are at present gathering evidence…

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

That's so cool Susan. I've had some psychic experiences in my lifetime. I use to say it was ear infections or health reasons that caused all of the weird things but I'd be wide awake at the time. I always say I'm part Medium. My husband says no I'm a small. He's silly. haha I'm open minded with that stuff now. Sounds like an interesting cause. I'd have you guys experiment on me but I think you live too far away. Good luck with that work.

originally posted by susan stevens

Hi again blue and cheryl etc…

sorry about my wanderings, if theres a soapbox in sight watchout i can't help myself…to bring the subject back into the provanance of W.o.L.s not only did i discover with Jannys work a similarity to "my man" ha ha, the backbone of the series, inso-much as the philosophy, psychology and even to various degrees, the magical events, reflect my own beliefs and then to top it off…the writing…pure music to my soul…i'll put a disclaimer here… no i have not attained nirvana, nor come close. i can be as slothfull as dakar, hotheaded as the brydion's, dense as fionn and can definately equal arithons temper… i bet even he hasn't demolished a kitchen with a frying pan…

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There is a miscellaneous topic where you could create a thread to discuss paranormal events, I suspect many here are interested in how reality manifests itself for others. So feel free to create a soapbox and have fun.


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My sisters, read the book curse of the mistraith with certain gusto, and they all stopped reading at the same point, no disscussion, when lysaer turned bad and arithon had to go into hiding. They were heartbroken. I've kept reading up to date and can't hardly wait for the next installmant.