Some questions...

originally posted by Izzy

Hey Janny,

I just finished re-reading this, and I have some questions for you that I didn't asked the last time I read it (this was my third read btw).

What exactly is a sorcerers minion? The book mentions that minions are created, and yet also says that people can be subborned to become minions. Also, when minions encounter cedar smoke, they seem to revert to demonic form. This says to me that minions are just demons imitating humans or have taken over humans… And yet! The book does say that only Gorgenvain introduces shape shifters. Consider me confused :smiley:

Another thing… the sorcerers themselves. I understand a demon needs to bind at least 1 sorcerer to gain a foothold into the world, so where does the concept of a creche come from? Does the demon force the sorcerer to reproduce and then binds the offspring? That seems to be what is implied :smiley:

Is it possible for human spirits to be redeemed? You imply in the book that Anja's brother's (Kalien? Memory is screwing me over today) flesh was consumed by the minion, and because Mykkael managed to capture some of that minion's substance, her brother could be redeemed. Would that be the only circumstance?

I think that's it :smiley: I guess I'm focusing my questions on the "magic" side of what is really a human story, but I like the added depth :smiley:



In this story: A sorcerer - a human who has made pact with a demon, and is loaned the demon's powers in exchange for feeding the demon's hunger. (enslaving others)

A minion: a human who has become the enslaved puppet of a sorcerer, and who will feed the demon on death, and who is partially "consumed" already.

A creche - a Sorcerer who works in concert with more "made" sorcerers who serve under him.

Yes, any and all human spirits can be redeemed. Mykkael's knowledge (as implied in the story) is by rote and quite limited. Capturing substance is not the only way, but the easiest and most accessible to those in this story.