Sneak Preview #2

Belated Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year - here's my gift to you all, with appreciation for your presence, and to kick off my wish to you – for a creative, joyful, insightful, innovative, and successful 2006!

Preview of Stormed Fortress number two:

‘Stay with me, beloved.’ The plea crossed the empathic link of the scrying, and warmed. Elaira shuddered, then sighed as the intimate contact cradled her being like a caress.

That flooding tenderness melted her heart, but could not unstring her concern. "Could I do less? The High Earl who pads at your heels is not tame. If you fail to satisfy, his pack of wolves will rip you down like staked carrion. At least I'll know where to seek your remains. That's assuming a dismembered corpse is left to require a memorial."

Arithon's piercing humor answered her fear. "If Erlien gnashes his teeth any harder, there won't be a molar left intact for the aforesaid spree of slaughter."

"Well, Kyrialt's worried," Elaira pointed out. "Somebody ought to be holding his sword hand. That's if you don't want to drive him berserk before he can sire hale offspring."

"You've seen Glendien," Arithon quipped in response. "She'll set him a clutch. That's the price of mating young oak with a firebrand."

"You say!" Elaira felt her cheeks warm. "Clear your business in Alland. I'll make you a fire fit to torch down the stars and the moon."

"You have, love. Already. I'm branded, soul deep. If your meddling Prime Matriarch values her life, she'll leap high and fast to dissolve every obstacle she's raised between us." Which framed his bald warning: Elaira could sense the shocking, grim force behind his bedrock sincerity. Whether the trial ahead brought him triumph, or the bitterest, agonized failure, Arithon Teir’s’Ffalenn desired her presence, spun through the weave of his heart’s hope.


The above excerpt is rough draft from manuscript, and copyright by the author. Please, with respect, you are asked not to disseminate or copy the material from this site.

originally posted by Annettevk

Thank you very much Janny, fabulous as always. And a Happy New Year to you. Take care.

originally posted by max

I whine 'too little, way too little'. If only Arithon and Elaira could leave the world behind. There are serious drawbacks to living on Athera or any planet with only one continent!!
and thanks for the flavor Janny. Little tastes are all I really need.

originally posted by Hannah


A very beautiful snippet! I had very much an "uh-oh" moment at Arithon's statement of desiring Elaira by his side. Ath forfend if (when?) he decides to single-mindedly pursue that goal… Selidie will long for the good old days when all she had to deal with was an iyat in her focus stone.

originally posted by Blue


There, it is shouted, and I used as many simple words as I could. Do you think she got the message? :smiley:

originally posted by Dorothy

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.(i.e.big long melting sigh).How absolutely lovely.
Happy new year Arithon and Elaira.And everyone else too!

originally posted by Hellcat

Happy New year to all!!

If iyats feed of emotion, what would happen to the Waystone Iyat should it encounter the resonance set up by Elaria and Arithon's long delayed union?


originally posted by goldstolz

Thank you Janny! Happy New Year! Woe betide those crossing true love.

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Hi Janny and all you friends at heart,
this snippet is just the greatest christmas present. Wishing Janny a healthy, creative and inspired New Year with lots of time to spend on Arithon, Elaira and all the other characters we love and love to hate. Wishing all Janny's fans a year of happiness, health and, of course - patience and may our wish for Stormed Fortress come true.
As to Hellcat's questions, of course the iyat will melt the stone, surely stone must melt with so much passion! What I would give to know what Arithon has on his plate for the Prime…
Looking forward to an adventurous New Year.
Wolfhunter (back again at long last)

originally posted by deanna hemara

to short, but fantastic non the less

originally posted by motley

Elaira seems to actually be waiting for action…


"If your meddling Prime Matriarch values her life, she'll leap high and fast to dissolve every obstacle she's raised between us." Which framed his bald warning: Elaira could sense the shocking, grim force behind his bedrock sincerity.

Is she going to rely on Arithon to release her? She asked to rely on his help before, with Fionn.

I'd hoped in some way, she'd be the one to somehow release herself. Yet I can't see how.

*Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* for Traitor's Knot.

Arithon seems to be taking on the charge of ridding the world of the blight that prevents Paravians living on the continent - namely the Necromancers, but also I suspect, the Koriani, now that their Prime is in essence, a necromancer.

Something about Elaira's own study of crystals, though, could help to heal the crystals, but then, it's full of F7 proscribed information about "starfaring culture" and perhaps they'd have to do to Elaira, what Asandir did with the S'Brydion brothers and the gunpowder? Do they actually NOT know what is in the crystal's 'memory'? Surely Sethvir knows after it was in Althain's tower?