Sneak peek

originally posted by Trys

I've just uploaded an image of the line drawing for the cover of the American edition of Traitor's Knot. Apologies for the copyrighted material watermark, but have to protect the unpublished work. It can be found on the webpage under Art Gallery: Cover Art in Progress: American Traitor's Knot.


originally posted by Hannah

Oh WOW! That seems so completely different than the other covers we've previously seen! I adore it already! The library *rocks* and am glad Arithon is so v. comfortable.

Best. Cover. Ever.

originally posted by Sandtiger

VERY NICE, Janny. It looks amazing!!!

Now, I can't wait to see it in cover!

::snarf:: I meant to write "in colour" but "cover" works too.


originally posted by skeoke

Arithon is indoors!?!

That almost never happens!

I like it!

Davien's infamous library, no?

originally posted by SilverDale

Oh, wow. Now I'm at least three times more curious about Traitor's Knot.

That's Davien, on the left? He looks tense; or maybe he's just holding something. The way he stares straight outwards, as if he can see the reader - it's disconcerting. That archway behind him makes him look taller.

Arithon is so elegant when he's studying. I get the feeling he's studying Davien as much as that book.

The indoor setting is gorgeous, and a first for WoLaS covers. I love the cupboard doors and the chair. The thing in the centre (which will go on the spine of the book, right?) looks kind of like an altar, or a pedestal without a statue.

This looks like political fantasy, rather than warfare. Yay!


originally posted by Blue

O Mighty Techno Gryphon! I would dearly love to see this wondrous work of art, except for the distressing tendency of my computer for the last few days to pixilate every single gif, jpeg and other picture format on my screen. Any suggestions, since I cannot afford to take the next flight to Florida and bug Janny personally to see this wonder?

originally posted by Blue

Scratch the last request, O Mighty Techno Gryphon! The Techno Shrimp [my little bro] managed to find the root of the picture problem… We are using Net Zero Hi Speed on a trial basis, and to get such wonderful speeds means having to sacrifice quality images. Oh, yeah, I want an ISP that is KINDA faster than 56K at the expense of Janny Wurts art. (For anyone who believes the last statement, I have some wonderful beachfront property in Arizona that is up for sale!) :wink:


I finally got to see the sneak peek… Davien might rival one green-eyed Masterbard in the fandom department.

Interesting expression on Arithon's face. It is hard to say whether he is lost in thought, or wondering whether or not he should trust Davien.

Would Davien mind granting ME such a room in my apartment for my library?

originally posted by Trys

Altar? If you look closely that's probably a pillow lying on the raised section at the top of the steps… a seat maybe?

originally posted by Susan

This makes me really wish there were a way to buy just the dustjacket. I don't have room for 1 more book let alone 2!

originally posted by Trys


Not 'just the dustjacket', but rather a print of the painting, that's what I'd want. :smiley:


originally posted by Susan

No fair, I hadn't even thought of that. I try to keep my sights low to avoid disappointment :wink:

originally posted by Kam

Oh wow…

I've noticed that Arithon likes to sprawl on seats, (he did that before in GC) but seeing it is…

One word. Guess.


originally posted by Auna

Wow, scrumptious!

originally posted by Greg Malcom

I can't see the picture. I can go to Art Gallery, I then can go to Cover Art in Progress. But, at that point I see British Traitor's Knot, and British Reissues.

Am I doing something wrong?

originally posted by Hunter

Interesting that the griffin's on the cupboard doors over Arithon's left shoulder are shown as looking away from each other. In just about every other instance, animals/statues in pairs are shown as looking at each other - e.g. US cover for Curse, the entrance to Kewar with the griffins. And in this picture in the centre.

Whimsy or reason? Probably the latter but why?

originally posted by Walt

I can see what you meant Janny about getting all the perspectives right! Sethvir's library WOULD be a nightmare to draw! Awesome line art Janny! Can't wait to see the colored version.

originally posted by Trys


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originally posted by Wayne

Just had a thought. Davien's Library huh.

Can see the book plate now.

From The Library of
Davien the Betrayer



originally posted by Wayne

Just looking at the drawing and seeing all the "X's" from Davien's Crossed arms, to the X stylized in the chairs and the Xs on the floor and wall.
Doesn't that usually mean conflict or something similar in the other books.
How about Davien actually looking directly at you while Arithon's face is turned. Just the opposite on Curse Arithon is then facing you head on and Lysaer wasn't looking at you directly.

Any ideas?


originally posted by Hunter

If you didn't know who the characters were and were told that one of them owned the library and the other was the visitor, which would you identify? Arithon's pose with the leg over the chair looks like how someone would sit who is intimately comfortable, Davien's pose of defensively crossed arms would appear to be someone less at ease… which I can't imagine Davien would be in his own place!