S'Ellestrion Lineage

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My wonderings are the same as Blue's. I've mulled for quite some time on the status of Melhalla's current caithdein. Having an endangered heir like Arithon is one thing, but not even having the promise of one is another. I am sure that the current caithdein is capable, and no doubt the S'Brydion line has the capabilities to take over - after all, they've lasted for 500 years without being driven out by townsmen. But would it be the same as the original line?
Probably not, since the brothers now tend to be extremely aggressive when they are slighted (The Armory fiasco) and, during those episodes, not restrained by reason or wisdom. I suppose that if the s'Brydion line heirs were caithdeins, the kings probably had to forcefully drag them from confrontations - hehe.

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"I wasn't concerned so much with the lack of s'Ahleas as with the contamination of the other two bloodlines."

Oooh, good point - okay for s'Illesid - there are others on Dascen Elur. But Arithon is the last of his line - meaning there will be no s'Ffallens who don't also carry the s'Ahleas farsight, and we've seen how much fun that's been for Arithon.

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What would the s'Brydion gift be? Bullheadedness or a love of fighting?

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I think the family name, if I recall from the glossary, translates to mean tenacity.

Oh, the possibilities, a s'Brydion High King…

I think the s'Brydion wives might actually have to be on hand to help the Caithdein deal with a s'Brydion king, because Bransian and his brothers spend an awful lot of time squabbling in council. Or perhaps Dame Dawr would have to become High Queen, since the brothers tend to squabble too much.

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Yes, and they do bryd so well…

lots of kids…

ha ha… ?