Seen Ships on the shelves?

Curiosity quesition - have any N. American readers yet seen Ships of Merior out on the shelves at the brick and mortar stores?

June is the official release month - although I know that Amazon is already shipping these titles, without regard for dates.

originally posted by Alan

Well, not a brick and mortar store, but I mentioned placing my order for Curse, Ships and WoV. Well, I have Curse and WoV, but my copy of SHips is STILL not here and has been delayed yet again by Amazon. My next expected date for it to ship is… sometime between June 8th and June 15th. Not really sure what exactly the issue is, as the email just said the date was this, rather than giving me any actual reason for it. :frowning_face:

originally posted by BillBob

Barnes & Noble in Charlottesville, VA, two copies each of Curse and Ships. About a month ago two copies of Curse in Harrisonburg, VA B&N. No sign of it at either Books a Million in Harrisonburg, VA or Waynesboro, VA.

When I left the B&N a month ago, there was only one copy left on the shelf. There was a gentleman looking at books in the SF/Fan section and he asked me what I thought was a good book and of course I suggested Curse and I talked it up real well, such that he picked it up. I truly hope he has enjoyed it as much as I have.

Thanks, BillBob, this is quite reassuring.