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originally posted by Marcel

there's something that's bothering me lately. I've been staring at two quotes from books here and I can't seem to figure out where they come from. I did my Google research but that just didn't turn up any useful results. The thing is, I definitely do know one of those quotes, it sounds awfully familiar and I'm pretty sure that I have the book on my shelf, but that doesn't really help either.
The other quote, I don't know, I don't think I know it, or at least not in its form.

Maybe you can help me.

One problem: the quotes I have here are not in English, so I'm gonna try and translate them, but I'm afraid they won't match the original sources. However, perhaps some paraphrasing makes it more challenging. ^^;

‘The ticking,’ he said, swallowing. He said it again, carefully pronouncing every word. ‘The ticking.’
‘What ticking?’
‘Doesn't matter. It just stopped.’


"The ticking," he said. He swallowed, then said it again, "and he said the words" very carefully. "The Tick."

…i’ve only this two Quotes :frowning_face:

originally posted by Chirogeoff

I don't know if this is helpful or not Marcel, but it reminds me of an Edgar Allen Poe story.
Good Luck.

originally posted by Maggie

hmmm… I have no idea unfortunately… But it does remind me of the rattling dice cup that one of the characters, Mat, from the Wheel of Time sometimes has going off in his head. However, I don't think he ever talks about the dice rattling to anyone else, so that is probably not it…

originally posted by Artemis

There's a 'book sleuth' page on the Abebooks website, if you haven't already tried it, that is.

Sounds very familiar. It'll be in my head all day. Thanks.