Science Fiction Novel

originally posted by April Sheppard

I am quite interested in the story written on mathematical principals. Hope that it'll see print soon. (I'm married to a math major).

BTW-I'm in Arkansas. (Definately, not the premier place for finding fantasy).

April - Good Luck!

(One of my best friends lives in Arkansas. Not so bad - very pretty scenery and mountains!)

originally posted by April Sheppard

Oh, I don't live in the part of Arkansas with the pretty scenery. I live in the part that's nothing but rice fields. lol

originally posted by Katherine Socha

I'd also like more of the Cycle of FIre books. They're the first books by Janny that I ever read and I'm really fond of them.

And I'm from the southeast part of Texas.

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Katherine, being from east Texas, what color is your neck? I'm from south Louisiana so you can probably guess what part of the coon I am.