Rumpus time

Well, people, you are too quiet!!! :smiley:

We are getting close to selling out the first edition of Stormed Fortress - let's not stop at half measures! LET'S MAKE THE PUBLISHER REGRET THEY STOPPED SHORT OF A BIGGER PRESS RUN!!! (mad wink)

The idea is to surpass the numbers done for Traitor's Knot…hooo-rah!!!

I just know there are American readers out there who are fence sitting, as yet - wait too long, and guaranteed, there will only be one choice: mass market paperback…and not EVEN a first edition, at that!

What if I promised to write an EXTRA PAGE, each day somebody chalks up a new purchase??? That could indeed expedite the release of Initiate's Trial…

How's That for an author incentive???

Go on, keep me strapped to the chair if you dare!

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Oooh… promises of extra pages… :smiley:

By chance I happened to find one of the remaining Meisha Merlin trade paperbacks of Traitor's Knot last December and gave it to a friend for Christmas after I found out that she had in fact NOT yet read it. She absolutely loved it (of course!) and I commented that she HAD to get Stormed Fortress… but I'm almost positive that hasn't happened yet. I will definitely let her know that she NEEDS to order it now!


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Great to hear Janny… is this the UK pressing, Aust pressing, or both? Oh, sorry Andrew, and the Kiwi pressing?

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What can I say?

I'm waiting for Stormed Fortress to be released in the USA. Sigh. And waiting. And waiting. I checked on ordering it from UK amazon, but the shipping costs were more than the book. I want a US publisher! We do read on this side of the Atlantic, you know!

I figure that SOMEDAY Janny will have a USA or Canada publisher… worst case scenario, I have to wait a while and then I don't have to wait as long for the next book to come out, and thus our esteemed author can't torture me quite as long as the rest of you with the wait.

I've been lurking for years, since I watch for when the new books are coming out, and everyone's commentary is so interesting.

The other author that I really enjoy (some of the best writing I've ever seen):

Katherine Kerr (Daggerspell series… amazing, partly because it's non-linear writing)

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You could always pay for the book, but try to convince someone (friend, family, willing charity) to pay the shipping and handling for you. The book is (to me) the best in the entire series, and I firmly believe you shouldn't letting S & H keep you away from it! :smiley:
(oh, and I guess that applies to everyone else too, who hasn't bought it yet).

Blackwells online sells the book and grants US shipping for free - you can find them if you google search the title Stormed Fortress, and run down the various booksellers - it should crop up a few pages in.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND waiting for a US printing - right now, the London edition is what we have in the bag, and very much, the future depends on the current record of its performance. That WILL be examined by any US venue who might consider taking on the series.

Times are Very Tough for publishers, right now. It cannot be stressed enough, that their margins are very narrow…if the cost of the trade paperback is too high, of course, the mass market edition will be along eventually.

I stand ready to produce that extra page, in the name of anyone who racks up a new sale (sly grin).

Don't forget, if you are recommending to a friend, we have TEASER EXCERPTS of chapters for the books available on this website. They can also be accessed on my author page at, or via the Australia or London HarperCollins website.

Soon, I hope to have an MP3 audio teaser for download…the recording for Curse of the Mistwraith has been made, we shall see how it plays through.

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May I personally recommend Blackwells: they are still a family run company and Julian Blackwell has just given a donation to the Bodleian Library.

Biased? Who, me? Yep! I used to work for Blackwells and now work for the Bod. :smiley:

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Blackwells is kinda confusing me at the moment. They say on their website that they offer free shipping to the US on orders over $15, so I went ahead and bought another copy last night for a friend of mine who is desperate for the book but couldn't afford the insane shipping rates was charging. But they charged me shipping anyways, so I'm a bit confused. Ah well, the shipping was MUCH more reasonable than the Amazon shipping, so I'm trying not to mind too much. :wink:

Lyssabits - said gleefully - I now owe an extra page in your name, today! (and will duly report when I've accomplished ONE MORE than my projected…this could be quite an interesting challenge!!

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Hey, I'm happy to do my consumer part with no reward needed. :wink: *I* was thrilled that you alerted me to another vendor who was selling the book for a more reasonable rate. I've been wanting to buy the book for this friend for awhile. I bought him the first few to get him hooked – the first one's free! – and I felt bad that now that I'd gotten him addicted, he might not get the next installment.

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I just noticed Bradford' post and the mention of Katherine Kerr… you knew she's finally finishing her series after that long hiatus, yes? The most recent two books have been excellent.

originally posted by Bradford Fisher

Yes, I've read both of them. Grin.

And I'll try Blackwells-- I haven't ordered it yet, but I'll be sure to let Janny know. Now let me think… if we get 1000 people to order the book today, doesn't that mean that she has to finish the next book tomorrow?

(I'm a lawyer if you haven't guessed…)

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Next one's out the first week of May. Wheeee, got my pre-order in already. Been reading that series for like 15 years now, and I came in late! :wink:

If the added incentive of the extra page per purchase got too daunting, I suspect Janny's own lawyers would argue that the wording of her original post never promised that she WOULD write another page each day a book was purchased, but that she asked "What if" she did write another page, and was merely soliciting our opinion on how tempting that deal would be. :wink:

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I wish I would win the Powerball, I would buy 1000 copies today…hoping against hope that Janny could accomplish a miracle and have that next book ready tomorrow…I know, I am just an insane dreamer!!!

I don't suppose you would go retroactive and count the one I bought back in October…? *wink* *wink*

No retroactives, but if anybody buys earlier books from the series in NEW orders, I'll honor those with a page, too - within bounds of what's humanly possible. :smiley:

A manuscript page is approximately 250-270 words, and trust me, it's not as easy as it looks!!!

I will start a notebook with Lyssabits' name on the first line - and - list anyone else as they come forward. :smiley:

I will honor retroactive orders IF you find a way to loop time, and give me BACK the date the book was purchased…zip!!! (sound of author exiting, quick to avoid any virtually chucked tomatoes)

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Can't blame me for trying! :wink: Maybe it is time to buy new copies of the ones I have had for years! And, if I had the ability to bend time, I would go forward and be fervently reading the rest of the series!!!

All right - the game's affoot.

Lyssabits - I just finished off a scene, and this would be my normal quitting time, today. Since you took up the baton, mine is the challenge of pushing into the new scene, one page, before picking up on another project for the evening.

The authorial brain squeeze is on…

Done!!! Chalk up a page for Lyssabits - in fact, she got a page and a quarter…now on to another project for the late hours.

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w00t! It's almost enough to make a girl buy the book for everyone she knows… regardless of whether they've read the others or not. :wink: Maybe I could buy up a bunch of UK editions and resell them on Craigslist or something… :wink:

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Just wanted to add that is a wonderful online UK store that ships all over the world for free. (Makes it very alluring just to pop in and order that one extra book, let me tell you. *cough*). Stormed fortress is only '9.10…

I'm afraid I bought it long ago though, so no extra page for me. :smiley: