Royal Jewels - not those

originally posted by Matthew

I just had a thought. Each royal line has specific gems that act to increase power, so my questions are:

How are these different from the Koriathain focus crystals? (other then one type has given its consent and we assume the other has not)

Do the fellowship members have something similar? if not why?

In a recent conversation with Arithon didnt Davien say that he could use crystal to help control his presciencebut that this would ultimately confine him. So would the royal gems be a crutch or a boon for Arithon?

originally posted by DarthJazy

First my mind is in the gutter. 2nd they are more powerful than the focus crystals i am lead to beleave. 3rd I have not seen nor have a memory of them having similar for they wouldnt need them would they. They would make arithon more powerful but i think the crystal and increased power would be more addicting much like the Kyber Crystal to emperor palpitine

originally posted by Blue

The focus jewels were cut and enchanted by a Paravian lapidary named Imarn Adaer (spelling uncertain).

Presumably, these jewels augment the royal wielder's geas gifts, much like a magnifying glass would focus and increase the power of a sunbeam.

Since these were created by a Paravian, you can bet that they are in harmony with the Law of the Major Balance/Free Will - i.e. the stones self awareness was respected, so they were asked, and willingly provide this service.

Unlike the Koriathain, who first enslave, then use forced magic to get their crystals to do their bidding. The Koriani jewels all have records of being difficult, AND downright dangerous to handle, because they are uncleansed, and in pain from consistent and constant abuse.