Keeper of the Keys now has a live link at Audible UK - it could pop up any time at Audible US - who will be first to spot it? Yell here…

I love a release the corresponds with our Friday Nigh Out - !

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We are now live in the USA, too! (simultaneously spotted by the Gryphon, and Kat Hooper, of

Here's the link to Keeper on

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It must have appeared sometime late yesterday… Since I looked during mid-afternoon

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Drat! And here I am in rural New Hampshire with no wi-fi or broadband (I hardly have a cell signal…stupid AT&T). I guess I need to drive to North Conway and Starbucks tomorrow. I'll buy hot chocolate and food if that's what it takes. :smiley:

And yes, I am working on my dial-up only equipped brother to get him to upgrade.

Hi Theresa! great to hear from you, and rural New Hampshire - very pretty, though I imagine very cold.