Redemption and parallels..

originally posted by Hunter

Further to the theory that Arithon is an F7 all by himself, there are some interesting parallels…

- F7 - caused bloodshed on a massive scale
- Arithon - is the cause of bloodshed on a massive scale

- F7 - called to fight world threatening calamity (drakespawn)
- Arithon - part of West Gate prophecy to fight world threatening calamity (Mistwraith)

- F7 - oathbound to remain alive until their purpose is fulfilled and Paravian survival is guaranteed
- Arithon - oathbound to survive to ensure Paravian survival (as his death would ensure Paravian extinction)

- F7 - massive guilt for past sins
- Arithon - massive guilt for past sins

- F7 - past gifts inappropriately used to cause massive calamity
- Arithon - mage craft skills enacted and ultimately lead to calamity.

- F7 - redemption by dragons
- Arithon - redemption by Paravian

- F7 - magecraft mastery
- Arithon - initiate mage (currently)

- F7 - despise Koriani
- Arithon - despise Koriani

- F7 - mostly of no fixed address
- Arithon - no fixed address

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Sethvir/Luthain/Davien do not appreciate Koriani leaders' actions…the other fellowship members don't seem to have expressed an opinion(?)

Sethvir has expressed pity for Moriel though in FP.

originally posted by Blue

Asandir also expressed pity for Morriel in GC, when she attacked him personally while trying to make a lane transfer to Jaelot to free Fionn Areth. There was a mention of how he understood, too well, how it was to be at the bitter end of hope, and that the final step into wisdom was quit painful, though it was with the help of the Paravians that he achieved his redemption.

Khradmon, I believe, said something about how he hoped that all the iyats in creation would bedevil Morriel's corpse, in PG. He also wished her good riddance, and commented that she had the temper of a snake way back when in FP.

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you forgot one thing the F7 and Arithon have in common.

F7 - Likes to give dakar tasks to drive him to utter annoyance
Arithon - Loves to give dakar tasks to utter annoyance