originally posted by Joseph Hawkins

Greetings everyone, I recently started reading Initiate's Trial and have come to the realization that I have forgotten a good deal of what happened in Stormed Fortress or how things came to be as they are at the beginning. Without going back and rereading (which I'm sure will happen sooner or later), I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to find a recap of the last book. I saw the chapter breakdown in the wiki, but it didn't really help. Any assistance or suggested locations of reading would be appreciated.

originally posted by Annette

Only the last few chapters of Stormed Fortress would give even the slightest clue as to the events seen in Initiates Trial. Re-reading all the books before Destiny's Conflict would probably be an idea, since Janny is likely to be tying up few things hinted at previously. And there were a lot of hints as to what to expect. A summary of Stormed Fortress would not contain the detail needed of the events at Athir anyway.

For Initiate's Trial starting without remembering the previous books is not really a problem.

originally posted by Hunter

Hi Joseph,

I read through Initiate's Trial, then went back and re-read all of Stormed Fortress and then into Initiate's trial again. There is a lot of action in Stormed Fortress that is not yet revealed in Arc IV and presumably coming in the next book - lots of stuff around Jeynsa I expect… or at least the reasons.

originally posted by Annette

What about Jeynsa from Stormed Fortress would need to be revealed Hunter? Jeynsa was married in 5674, several years after Alestron's siege. We find out the events that occurred around the time of the wedding celebration, but Jeynsa might not be a big part of that revelation, since Arithon never made it to the wedding, and Jeynsa was not part of the plot to betray Arithon. We probably find out how those events affected her life and happiness, but I would not expect to see lots of stuff about Jeynsa in Destiny's Conflict. We probably get a bit of a bio on her life in the glossary like we already have for Barach in Initiate'e Trial.

originally posted by Annette

I would actually expect the betrayal to be part of the story, rather than just get the details in the glossary. We just have to wait for Arithon to remember what happened, he will eventually. And getting some parts of the story from Jeynsa's viewpoint would make sense. She was still under Arithon's protection, so I would expect a glimpse of how she lost her light heart to be seen.