Really like this book.. ach 1

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picked it up and right away i like it a lot. already close to page 300 and just got the book 3 days ago looking forward to reading more of the story, thanks for writing this book

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Athera, populated by a wonderfully hard corps of fans that persist in hanging around here. I've been one of Janny's fans since the late 1980's, when I read her collaboration with Raymond Feist.

CotMW is such a great book, but there is soooo MUCH more in store for you. I always envy you first time readers. You get to read seven more big fat books, and if you time it right, you'll finish in late October just in time to get the ninth, Sword of the Canon: Initiate's Trial, which will be released worldwide on October 27.

AVOID THE OTHER BOARDS HERE AT ALL COSTS UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE BOOKS!!! Janny's stuff is spoiler-heavy, with lots of surprises and twists, so stay away from here until you are further along. DO NOT read existing threads. Too dangerous.

Welcome here victoria ann hettish, pleased to have you aboard!

originally posted by victoria ann hettish

Thanks so much for the warm welcome.