Readings by Janny

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I've just added five new files to the Podcast section that are recordings of Janny reading from Curse of the Mistwraith and To Ride Hell's Chasm. To subscribe to the podcast, go to this link (link removed) and read the instructions at the bottom of the page for how to setup iTunes software to access the podcasts. If you don't have iTunes on your machine, it is a free download form Apple (link on the podcast page). Of course if you prefer to use some other podcast software, feel free.



Do feel free to send these links to anyone you think may be interested.

You may also access the readings through my page at Redroom - click "authors", scroll to W, click my name, then look at the Media section - the readings are titled - click the title, click the arrow to play them directly on your computer…to see all the files for Hell's Chasm, click "See All Media"

Soon we will have clips for more of the books…stay tuned.

And thank the Gryphon!

originally posted by Iris

Thank you Gryphon!

(and Janny too)

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I can't get the new ones… :frowning_face: I subscribed a while back, and got the reading from Fugitive Prince…maybe I don't know what I am doing!

Tygrr - did you try the link that plays directly on the Redroom page?

Click on See All Media to find the 3rd chapter of To Ride Hell's Chasm…click on the audio link, then hit the forward triangle when the page comes up.

If you still have problems - do you have itunes or quicktime player on your computer?

originally posted by Tygrr

I have iTunes. But sadly, no new readings…

Was itunes turned ON when you launched the link? did you check to see if your computer's VOLUME control was turned up, or sound was ON, or if the volume control on the page was turned up?

Keep us posted, we need to KNOW if there are glitches…I tested the Redroom playback link, today, and had no problem with it - once I discovered you had to punch the button to START the sound…(and I can be a tech dummy, no question) I just hit it like a bozo, turned it on, and off it went…

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I used the Redroom playback page and it worked for me with no trouble…

originally posted by Tygrr

I was able to play the one older one I had, but none of the new ones were downloaded, though I even went into the settings and changed it to check for new downloads hourly. That was several hours ago.

Don't feel bad Janny…I am a tech-dummy too!

I will let you all know if I get it to work.

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Duh, I am an idiot! The queen of them all! I just had to push the next track button!!! Go ahead…scold, laugh, whatever you so choose to show me what a fool I am!!! LOL!!! Sorry everybody!!!

Tygrr - do you think we need to put that in the "manual?? :wink:

I am just glad it worked!!!

You have no idea how a tech dummy can back into corners and stick - shoulda seen ME trying to get my old recording studio mike hooked up to my computer (box, but what box! Nobody "tech" knew what my mike was, when I gave em the specs, though a sound man would have recognized it instantly…) THEN - in comes Garage Band, which has no STOP button - nothing marked to freeze the counter…and this is apparently SO basic, not a mention of it in three books on the program…HOWL. No wonder it took me 3 years to do these up. I finally played Poke and Hopie - and lo - you hit the FORWARD icon again, and ye pesky counter stops! Dang! Lookee that! Neither does the icon Change, either. It's just this forward arrow, and no HELP balloon for it!


Got it, but I wish I'd had my cussing on FILM (it was recorded, yup, couldn't stop the fricking counter!!!)

Made for an interesting tussle. and you can't Throw tech about when you get mad - not like an old paintbrush you can ping in a tantrum…(not to mention, CATS just have to climb in the lap while recording, rub on the mike, purr very loudly, knead claws in groin, and sing in the corners. Couldn't shut the guys out - they just clawed the door and HOWLED…tightly directional mikes are a godsend!

Do enjoy the laugh when you listen to the Nice Demure Recordings!!! Folk have no idea…

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*Laugh* Oh my word… one of those recordings would be fun to listen to… *grin*

Yeah, woulda made Dakar's eruptions in raunch language smoke look TAME! I learned from more than sailors…

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Oh, you should hear the cackling going on here!

So sad that the recording will never be aired, it would be great for one of those 'blooper' collections, especially with the cats.


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Yes, cats are GOOD at harmonizing. :smiley:

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For those who may have problems getting the Podcast feed to work I've just implemented links on the
(link removed) that will stream the mp3 files when you click them. Clicking the link will display a small MP3 player control.