Reading Traitor's Knot....

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Though I lurk most weeks it has been a while since I posted. The world and his wife wants my time these days…

Just wanted to say that the events in the book between pages 425 and 439 were some of the best written and emotional that I have read in a long. long time…

Thank you Janny…

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Hiya… didn't want to bother folks because I was a dim-wit

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It does make sense and it would've been no bother. I'm happy to help.


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As I reread the first pages of Traitor's knot, after a quick read of the Kewar tunnel passage in PG, I noticed the similarities of 'greenhorn youth' experiences that Arithon had on Dascun Elur, as a young, idealistic, though highly trained initiate and Fionn Areth. Granted, the two are worlds apart in intelligence and talent, but the comparison made me smile. After his experiences with Dakar and Arithon, it will be interesting to see how Fionn is at 50. I guess the same comparison goes for the twins.

I also wonder how the 'not to kill' idea is going to work out. Arithon still focusses on what he wants to AVOID in that sentence, rather than what he wants to CREATE, in the future. His actions did result in 'killing' the Kralovir… (sp?) ? Does this not count?

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After his experiences with Dakar and Arithon, it will be interesting to see how Fionn is at 50.

If he reaches 50. I don't know if that can be considered "old age" (I sure don't think so, creeping closer to it myself! :smiley:), but it doesn't bode well for Athera if he does survive that long, according to part of his birth prophecy.

"Yet should this child's days extend to old age, first the five kingdoms, then the whole world will plunge into darkness, never to see sunlight or redemption."


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Hmm… right. Forgot about that. He seems to have survived the fire - "none suffers but he".

Just finished the reread of Traitor's Knot… and I'll skip to the Spoiler topic…


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Does anyone understand the issue with amethysts(?) from Tiracs(?) in TK?

This is where Arithon is asked to recover them?

Is this just mining being against the compact? Or jewels crossing kingdom borders?

Arithon later says there was no need for him to intervene? I am not sure why this is either.

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My understanding:
1) The issue with the stones themselves was mining in a proscribed area - an area NOT under town auspices.

2) Any fellowship sanctioned / appointed individual could have recovered the stones - it didn't have to be Arithon. I read it as the F7 manipulating him again to be where they wanted him to be, when they wanted him there. Arithon is wise to the manipulation by now, but can't resist it due to his gift of compassion.