Reader question posted today on r/fantasy

Anyone care to add their o2 cents to this reader question on my stuff?

There's a new reader question posted today - if you want to lend insight to either of 3 authors (me included): h_bear_kate/

New review went up, today for Ships/Warhost! Wow! Gaining traction - commenters welcome! (keeps the topic up page the more responses happen).

Thanks so much for all who are contributing! mark_a_review/

Please help, Light and Shadows readers - there will be so many more readers of the other series listed - and this person is asking for input to choose! ries_thought_maybe/

Thank you and a word of deep appreciation to those who responded to the call!

The thread is still on the front page, this morning, and that means: a lotta folks will browse it. Stuff like this adds up.

Hey, folks - somebody posted this sale announcement this morning, and it appears a few posters are getting 'hung up' at about the 1/3rd point of Curse of the Mistwraith. This is OK if it is not to their taste - but they many not realize the convergency pattern for these books (at halfway)

Clue them in if you feel inclined. Thanks!! aith_only_199_on/