Re-Reading Volumes 1-10

I started my latest re-read in July and just finished Destiny’s Conflict Wednesday night (December 6th). I’m one of the readers of this series that started at the beginning in 1994.

I had thought to read a book per month, which would have taken me to May, but there’s simply no possible way to set aside these books once you start reading them. I have been reading nearly every day for five months. This is likely my 8th or 10th re-read give or take each on each book.

I am fully prepared for the final volume, even waiting another six months.

We’re all going to celebrate in May and Janny has truly reached for a greatness very few writers ever approach.


I am currently engaged in a couple of read-a-longs. One is active, and the other is just nudging people along who are reading for the first time. The starting and then you just don’t want to stop is so real!

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I am also an OG reader whose current re-read is going much quicker than I planned. Fortunately time continues to speed up (as I age) so May no longer seems that far away.


Just saw a throwaway line in peril’s gate from Jieret - he knows what a kraken is…

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Don’t know how I ever missed that mention of krakens! Looks like the first time they’re introduced too. The only other reference I can find is in Destiny’s Conflict.

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