Re-launch USA Countdown!

Only thirty one days until May, and Curse of the Mistwraith hits the shelves in the USA, once again.

Get ready - there will be a launch party!

originally posted by motley

Really happy that's happening for you. (And for your readers) Long overdue. *cheer*

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

*Pictures the throngs, gathered near Janny's local bookstore as though they were awaiting a Star Wars movie.*

"Paravians to the left. Clansmen in the middle. Fellowship, Necromancers and hedge witches, to the right. 'Ear now, 'oo left this bloody Khadrim in the middle of the road?"

Tick, tick, Talespinner. Muchas congratas; it's been a long time!

originally posted by Or Raifman

i have been lurking here for some time now, i wanted to let you know that looks like it will be even earlier than that

Amazon just changed curse of the mistwraith to "in stock"

and my order containing it went to "shipping sonn"

can't wait to finally read this series

Or Raifman, welcome here!

And thanks for the sharp lookout!

May folks pile up for their orders in droves…I like that image, Mark Stephen Kominski!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

So let it be written, so let it be done, ! :wink:

*Wonders why he's wearing Pharoh's headgear all of a sudden*

originally posted by Trys

My Amazon order has shipped with an estimated delivery date of April 7 though it's possible I could see 'em on Monday the 6th. One of 'em is getting shrink wrapped for posterity. :smiley:

originally posted by Wayne

Mine also shows Tuesday for arrival date. And usually it does arrive early. :smiley:

Just looked at UPS it says MONDAY :smiley: :smiley:

originally posted by Sandtiger

What I don't understand is why I can't order these from Canadian stores. Not that I have an issue with ordering from the US - but I thought the idea was that they would be available throughout North America? They aren't listed on Chapters or that I can find.

When my friend who works at Bakka comes back from Vacation, I am going to see if she knows what is up.


originally posted by Theresa

I have a sighting in the wild - B&N, in Tulsa, of all places. Go figure! Curse is on the shelves again!

Jana - thank you for letting me know this is a problem, I will report it back, immediately!

Theresa - wow, yay! Thanks for reporting the sighting!

The Relaunch Begins!!!

Word back on Canadian listings: Amazon Canada should be quickly corrected - the chains may take a little longer, it's being addressed.

If anyone else encounters problems, do speak up! What you notice could be critical, caught in time, the correction is a godsend.

Thanks again, Jana.

originally posted by Sandtiger

Wonderful news - and I will keep my eyes out!


originally posted by Trys


"I will keep my eyes out!"…

if you keep your eyes out of your head however will you see anything? <g,d,rlh>


originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Oh dear.

I've infected the Gryphon with my silliness.

*Wonders if it will take sunchildren to lift the curse…*

originally posted by BillBob

Was just at B&N in Charlottesville, VA and there were 3 copies on the shelf. Waiting for payday to pick up a new copy.

originally posted by Or Raifman

something funny just happened

Warhost of Vastmark changed to shipping soon on amazon, before The Ships of Merior

also has amazon sold out on The Ships of Merior???,
it is no longer available for order (i already ordered mine and it seems like there is no change about it)

also i am reading curse and enjoying it greatly

Or Raifman - thanks for the heads-up - the great Gryphon here :smiley: already noticed this, and I've queried my editor in London - it's Easter weekend, so I don't expect a response till next week.

I'll report back just as soon as I find out - I deeply appreciate your post. If I hadn't been informed, this would have been critical.

I ordered the first three at the same time and received Warhost almost immediately. Ships and Curse finally shipped out in the same pack after four or five days of "shipping soon".

originally posted by Sandtiger

Ah Trys - you make me laugh. ::grin::

I will endeavour to keep them both in my head and on the lookout!