Questions about World Fantasy

originally posted by Cheryl

I had Those Who Hunt the Night but traded it never did read it or get into it. I might like it now since my taste has changed. I wish they would update their site for the world fantasy convention. I don't have any idea who's coming now and I know some have signed up. I'm getting upset at the way this convention is organized but it won't matter once I'm there. I hope they send some update soon so we know who's coming. Just think they should update that site soon. I thought in June they would but they haven't yet.

originally posted by Wayne


If you go to membership page they have a listing of all who are attending the con (as of March 21st).

Carol Berg, Sarah Hoyt, David Drake, David Coe, James Barclay, Thomas Harlan, Kay Kenyon, Carole Nelson Douglas, Doranna Durgin, Louise Marley, Alan Dean Foster, Terry McGarry, Dennis L. McKiernan, F. Paul Wilson, Michael A. Stackpole and Fred Saberhagen.

This is just a quick list of ones I saw on list.
I am sure more will be added with next progress report that will come out probably this summer.

Remember still 4 months away