Question on if or when series might end.

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I have been a faithful reader of the WoLaS series but wonder if the series will have a definite end or become an unending series like the "Dragonriders of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey or the Xanth Series by Piers Anthony.

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You only need look at the sections yet to be opened to see we have an end, only 3 more books to go, to finally get the full story. Janny planned 5 arcs from the start, so I would think she planned to tie up most of the loose ends as well. While it would be nice to get a short book or collection of short stories showing some of the interesting side stories that did not make it into the series, after all this time working to get WoLaS complete she will probably have lots of other books she would like to write.

Janny is currently writing Destiny's Conflict which concludes Arc 4, so hopefully not as long to wait for that one.

Hi Alex kingston - welcome here.

This will NOT be an 'unending' series. Not. NOT.
It is straight on track, as it was meticulously planned.

Curse of the Mistwraith (set the stage)

Ships of Merior/Warhost of Vastmark - deepened the characters and the initial conflict.

ALLIANCE OF LIGHT, 5 vols - took the story to 'world view'
Fugitive Prince
Grand Conspiracy
Peril's Gate
Traitor's Knot
Stormed Fortress

SWORD OF THE CANON - 2 vols (stages for the Mysteries)
Initiate's Trial (turned in, Oct 27, 11 pub date)
Destiny's Conflict - (being written NOW. When this book is complete, ALL the forces in play for the final sweep of the action will be ON STAGE, UP CLOSE AND PRESENT.)

Song of the Mysteries - FINALE and last volume.

Each book takes about 2 years' work… which means, I ought to be having a HUGE celebration in about 2014/2015.

At ANY time, you can stop at this site and see the STATUS thread for the current book in progress. You can see the steady progress.

PS - Fear NOT - I don't watch football. :smiley:

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I'm guessing that would be American football, Janny… not World Cup football? Or both? :wink:

Since we have no TV service - it would effectively obliterate the football world, no matter which type. :wink:

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HAH! Good one, Janny!

Strange, I received a certain football-loving author's latest, but haven't picked it up yet. The anticipation just isn't there. The book will be, however, once I am done my current WoLaS re-read.