Question about your paintings?

originally posted by Cheryl

Janny, my husband was going through the web looking for your paintings. He found a lot of good things I never new was here at Paravia and other places of your artwork. We wondered if there is anyway to buy a painting online or is it through the art shows the only way to get one of the larger paintings? We're moving this fall and we thought one of your paintings would look so nice in my new study that will be like a library. We just wanted to find out more information on it. Thanks, Randy was just wondering if any were online to buy, but we'll see you in Atlanta I hope, and I hope I can admire them there again. Thanks again We were just interested in finding out how to purchase one of the large paintings you have.

originally posted by Janny Wurts

Hi Cheryl - I do have a few paintings from my days of painting cover art for others' books - and some of them are for sale.

There are none available online that I know of - any sale would need to be arranged through me, and best done by e mail.

We will be at Dragoncon, and some original art will be there with us.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Hi Janny and Thanks Janny, I'll email you about this then. Randy, my husband, found three of your sketches online and we tried to order them but haven't got a response. I didn't realize you could buy these online. I was excited to see them there. Look forward to admiring yours and Don's paintings. Thanks again.

originally posted by Marsha Le Nabat

Dear Janny,
I recently did a jigsaw puzzle with the picture of Shadowfane on it. It was a 1,000 piece. I just wanted to know if you knew this. You can answer me back on your website. Thank you for your time.

Marsha - yes, I know. It was made by a quite nice American company called Ceaco - and they are legitimate with the license. They did a beautiful job, too! Thanks for checking -