Question about Destiny’s Conflict - spoilers!

Beware of spoilers!

I’m reading Destiny’s Conflict right now and I’m LOVING it. One of my favorite books of the series. So much is coming together.

I have a question though. Why did the Paravians not release Ciladis from his enchantment? It seemed pretty easy for Arithon to do, and the Paravians are clearly aware of what’s going on in the outside world, between Tehaval’s earthlink and the sun children manifesting in the King’s Glade. So they knew the Mistwraith was defeated/contained, but didn’t wake Ciladis for some reason? Can anybody help me understand?

Also, I’m not quite done with the book. I just couldn’t wait to ask. If it’s gonna he answered for me just tell me to shut up and read, haha

Thank you!

Arithon used his power of shadow to release Ciladis did he not? If I am remembering correctly. So the Paravians may be aware Ciladis wanted Arithon to be the one to release him. Or they simply aren’t intervening because he hasn’t asked to be helped and they value autonomy over anything.

Way back in the first book we saw the cave and the unicorn.

“On a faraway isle, amid waters never charted, a unicorn stands sentinel as Desh-thiere’s mists part; and yet she does not dance for joy under the lucent sky – a horn-toss of inquiry displays her puzzlement as tree-filtered sunshine glances across a cave mouth and a weakened shimmer of ward-light fades back to quiescence without rousing the sorcerer sealed under sleep spells within…”

Wurts, Janny. Curse Of The Mistwraith: Wars of Light and Shadow Book One

Perhaps not understanding why the ward never faded, they chose to wait, no harm would come to Ciladis if he slept a bit longer. Also they possibly knew of the wars to come and the affect that would have on Ciladis, so thought it better he should sleep through most of it? Another possibility it was not a Paravian working but a Fellowship one, maybe they could not release Ciladis? Janny would be the one to answer the question.

Wow, I remembered that there was some foreshadowing, but that amount of detail 9 books in advance is wild!

I don’t think Ciladis did want Arithon to release him - I think he intended for the spell to just detect sunlight. The Paravians didn’t need to use magic or elemental shadow, I think they could have just let some sunlight in.

I went back and read the scene, and you are right. The spell construct had a shadow component meant to disperse with sunlight. Nothing to do with Arithon.

Annette remembered the other pertinent quote . I completely forgot that first allusion to Ciladis, despite reading the speculation about it for years.

But the Paravians would not chop down the trees to let the sunlight in, or maybe the trees would not give permission to be chopped down? The sunlight did touch the ward, but it did not release Ciladis.

If you were asking directly - One: Fellowship magic originated from the Dragons,; Two: Paravians by their nature would not intervene with a matter concerning the Compact; Three: the Paravians preferred their location kept secret.

Thank you Janny! That helps. I am so excited for Song of the Mysteries by the way!

You’re welcome!

And nobody is more excited than me to have this book in your hands. It holds so much…