Query about Rockfell

originally posted by Catherine Britt

Hi Janny

Have been reading all the material and thought I would register and ask a question. Is there any significance in the five sided chamber in Rockfell and the one in Kewar tunnel?
Thanks from australia

Hi Catherine - welcome here.

You Asked…

Both were built by Davien, so I'd say he had a reason.

originally posted by Catherine Britt

Thanks Janny

Wanted to thank you for the gift of your books.

I have been trying to re-read them since a stroke eighteen months ago. I felt that your books with its philosophical stance would help with cognitive loss.

I love your characters and their evolutionary leaps in character. Reminds me of Erkhart Tolle's spiritual framework.

Thank you Janny and please forgive me if I ask silly questions.

There are no silly questions - stop worrying about that and just get well!

originally posted by Matthew

'When facing ignorance the only stupid question, is the one unasked.' - some very wise person… i think it was an old teacher of mine.